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Members in good standing who are of eligible age are allowed to attend events run by TarValon.Net.

Official functions

Our official functions fall into two categories: TarValon.Net Official Events (which we plan and execute) and TarValon.Net Conferences (which we attend and support but do not plan and execute). These functions are large scale events and are most easily compared to small fan conventions (or, in some cases, actually are fan conventions). Community Members who attend each event contribute to the cost of the events in the form of the ticket purchase. These events generally feature traditions including our traditional toast, membership ceremonies such as raisings and bondings, recognition awards, fundraisers, and competition for prizes.

Who can attend?

Anyone who has been a member in good standing of TarValon.Net for at least two months and has reached the age of majority in your country is eligible to attend one of our In-Person Events. You must also be Made Real (this means that you have had a phone, video, or in-person conversation with one of our Senior Members). TarValon.Net does not take responsibility for anyone, including his/her actions, safety, and possessions, who attends a function. All who attend take full responsibility for themselves and agree to hold TarValon.Net, Inc. and its administration, Officers, and Board of Directors harmless in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

Non-service pets are not allowed to attend Tower functions.


We do have Rules for attending an official event, including following the Code of Conduct. All attendees are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and may be asked to leave if they fail to comply.


We additionally have advice for people who are attending an event, so that they have an idea of what to expect.

Local Events

In addition to our official events, organised by TarValon.Net, many of our members also organise events in their homes or home towns for which all members are also eligible to attend.

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