Master/Mistress of Chat

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The Master/Mistress of Chat was primarily responsible for managing the technical back-end of our IRC channels.

Department: Department of Moderators and Operators

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Pro Bono Merit (IT)

Chain of Command

The Master/Mistress of Chat reported to the Director of Moderators and Operators.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the registration for Tower-operated channels.
  • Assigning op powers to new ops and those whose op powers have lapsed.
  • Maintaining a list of banned users and their identifying information.
  • Managing our bots.
  • Maintaining chat logs.


  • Regular presence in chat.
  • At least six months experience as a chat op on this site.
  • Working knowledge of IRC back-end functions.

Time Commitment

Approximately 5hrs a week not including time in chat.



The title Master/Mistress of Chat was previously an informal title given to the Admin role of IRC Administrator. It was discontinued when Miriya retired and reinstated as a staff position in January 2014.