Master/Mistress of Revels (South Pacific)

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The MoR – SP was an Admin level role responsible for planning our large-scale South Pacific Events. The position was held by the Local Liaison for the upcoming event.

This person was a member of the Department of Events & Conferences team, and works with the staff of the department and event volunteers to plan the event, end to end. Each event was approximately a 15 month process, from solicitation of proposals, selection of location and facilities, contracting with site, registration & administration, and planning of the event schedule itself. The MoR-SP helped to develop the MoR manual with what he/she learns during training.

Department: Department of Events and Conferences

Position Level: Administrator

Rotation: This is a non rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit

Chain of Command

The Master/Mistress of Revels reported directly to the Director of Events & Conferences.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Solicit proposals for each South Pacific Event. Advise members of proposal requirements and aide in preparation of proposals as requested.
  • Work with Amyrlin, Keeper, Director of E&C and Selection Committee to choose location for each South Pacific Event.
  • Work with Local Liaison and Director of E&C to plan details of event.
  • Organize and Delegate. You will be working with a strong team of committee leaders, committee members, local liaison, site contacts, and Tower execs who can all help you. Making sure to use them to the benefit of the event and giving them appropriate work is what enables our events to happen.
  • Crisis Management. No matter how much pre-planning you do, the unexpected will happen. Recognizing issues early and addressing them calmly and promptly is key.
  • Share learnings with other MoRs to ensure continually improving events.


Time Commitment



Master/Mistress of Revels (South Pacific)