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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Coulin was the Master of Arms in the White Tower (TDR, Ch. 16).

He kept a tight discipline among his students (TDR, Ch. 16).

Siuan tells Min she will send Gawyn and Galad to Coulin Gaidin if they do not stop asking questions about Elayne's whereabouts (TDR, Ch. 17).

Gawyn kills Coulin in the fighting after Siuan was deposed (TSR, Ch. 47). He feels bad about it much later (TGS, Ch. 4).


"You will be out of my room, out of my sight, before I count three, or I will write a note to the Master of Arms about this. Coulin Gaidin has a much stronger arm than Sheriam Sedai, and you may be assured that I will be there to see he makes a proper job of it." (Nynaeve to Gawyn and Galad; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 16)