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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Gawyn is a Prince of Andor, the son of Queen Morgase of Andor and Taringail Damodred of Cairhien. He is sworn to one day be First Prince of the Sword for his sister, the Daughter-Heir Elayne. He also has a half-brother, Galadedrid, of whom he thinks very highly. (TEotW, Ch. 40). Gawyn's sign is a charging white boar on a field of red. (TEotW, Glossary). Gawyn is older than Elayne by several years.


Gawyn and Elayne look very much alike, sharing the same oval face and reddish-gold hair. He is approximately a head taller than his sister. (TEotW, Ch. 40)


Though not as set on and concerned with always doing the right thing, Gawyn seems to admire this in Galad, and also seems to try to do his best to follow this example; that he chooses to side with Elaida when the Tower splits clearly shows this. (LoC, Ch. 25)

Condensed Timeline

Strengths and Talents

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Gawyn is a Blademaster (TGS, Ch. 13).

Dreams and Visions

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Min's Viewings
  • "Streaks of dried blood has made his face a grim mask. He was going to be wounded on the day the Aes Sedai died. He was going to be hurt more than the blood told, hurt somehow deeper than wounds to his flesh. That bloody mask again. More: a sword floated above his head, and a banner waved behind it. The long-hilted sword, like those most Warders used, had a heron engraved on its slightly curved blade, symbol of a blademaster, and Min could not say whether it belonged to Gawyn or threatened him. The banner board Gawyn's sigil of a charging White Boar, but on a field of green rather than the red of Andor." (TSR, Ch. 1)
  • "Gawyn kneeling at Egwene's feet with his head bowed, and Gawyn breaking Egwene's neck, first one then the other, as if either could be the future. She had never seen that fluttering back and forth, as though not even the viewing could tell which would be the true future. Worse, she had a feeling near to certainty that it was what she had done this day that had turned Gawyn toward those two possibilities." (TSR, Ch. 47)
  • In 'TSR, Ch. 1,' Egwene has a dream of Gawyn, his eyes full of pain and hatred.
  • "Others were all her own. Tender kisses that lasted forever.
  • Him kneeling while she cupped his head in her hands. Some made no sense.
  • Twice, right on top one another, she dreamed of taking Gawyn by the shoulders and trying to turn him to face the other way against his will. Once he brushed her hands away roughly; the other time, she was somehow stronger than he. The two blended together hazily.
  • In another he began swinging a door closed on her, and she knew if that narrowing gap of light vanished, she was dead." (LoC, Ch. 15)
  • In 'LoC, Ch. 25,' Egwene interprets her dream of him kneeling before her as being that she will bond him.

She does bond him. (ToM, Ch. 38)

  • Down one fork was his violent death, down the other, a long life and a death in bed. On one path, he would marry her, on the other, not. She knew what lay ahead, but not what way led to which. Suddenly he did see her, or seemed to, and smiled, and turned his horse along one of the forks.... (ACoS, Ch. 7)

He married her and died a violent death, so apparently, the marriage was the violent fork, though as this was a dream, it is not certain.

Relationships with Other Characters

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Gawyn is very loyal to his sister, Elayne. From the time when they were young, he is sworn to protect her with his life, and takes that oath seriously. He is very affectionate of her, and when she disappears from the White Tower on one of her many adventures, he is always greatly concerned about her. He is to one day be her First Prince of the Sword. He swears to Egwene that if Rand has killed Elayne, that he will hunt Rand down and kill him.

Gawyn is also close to his mother, Queen Morgase of Andor. Though he of course respects her, it is clear that he loves her very much, even if he is afraid of her sharp tongue and temper.

From almost the time they met, Gawyn has been besotted with Egwene. He seems to love her with all his heart, though at first he refuses to follow his heart, as he was unwilling to interfere with Galad and Egwene's romance. After the tower split, when they meet up, he professes his love to her, and tells her that he will promise her anything, so long as it does not harm Elayne or Andor.

When Gawyn and Rand first meet, Gawyn shows an interest in Rand, and expresses a wish to get to know him better. (TEotW, Ch. 40) After the 'death' of Queen Morgase, his like turns to a passionate hatred; he has sworn to kill Rand, and at the moment, the only thing staying his hand is his promise to Egwene that he will not harm Rand until she can prove whether he is innocent or not. (LoC, Ch. 25)

Gawyn was not close to his father, Taringail, at all; he barely knew him. He recalls that when he was younger, his father spent all of his time with Galad, leaving no time for him. (TFoH, Ch. 16)

Gawyn holds a deep respect for Galad, despite Elayne's dislike of him. Galad has saved Gawyn's life two times, for which Gawyn obviously feels grateful. (TEotW, Ch. 40)

It is safe to say that Gawyn and Elaida do not have the best of relationships. He didn't necessarily support Elaida out of like for the woman, but because he thought it was the right thing for him to do, and also because he blamed Siuan Sanche for the disappearance of Elayne and Egwene. Elaida certainly returns the dislike, and has even ordered for Gawyn and the Younglings to be disposed of.

Gawyn gets aggressive when Gareth disparages Morgase, but Gareth maintains she needed to be removed (TGS, Ch. 23).

Gawyn remembers little of Taringail (TGS, Ch. 30).

Gawyn's Journey

The Eye of the World

  • Gawyn, along with Elayne, comes across Rand in the palace garden after he falls from the wall. Both Elayne and Gawyn accompany him to see Morgase. (TEotW, Ch. 40)

The Great Hunt

There is no relevant reference to Gawyn in this book.

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

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The Fires of Heaven

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There is no relevant reference to Gawyn in this book.

Lord of Chaos

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A Crown of Swords

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The Path of Daggers

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There is no relevant reference to Gawyn in this book.

Winter's Heart

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There is no relevant reference to Gawyn in this book.

Crossroads of Twilight

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Knife of Dreams

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There is no relevant reference to Gawyn in this book.

The Gathering Storm

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  • Gawyn scuouts a village but decides not to raid it (TGS, Ch. 4)
  • His mind has been dredging up Hammar and Coulin's deaths (TGS, Ch. 4)
  • He realises he gave his loyalty to the wrong side and that his loyalty should be with Egwene/Elayne (TGS, Ch. 4)
  • He has been growing more certain that Elaida is trying to get rid of the Younglings (TGS, Ch. 4)
  • Gawyn spars with Sleete and Marlesh, defeating both. He denies being a blademaster, but Marlesh tells him he is because he killed Hammar (TGS, Ch. 13)
  • Sleete tells him he thinks hem worthy and Hattori will bond him if he wishes (TGS, Ch. 13)
  • Covarla threatens to replace Gawyn as head of the Younglings (TGS, Ch. 13)
  • He realises Elaida wouldn't have treated Egwene and elayne any better than Siuan would have done so his whole justification for supporting her is gone (TGS, Ch. 13)
  • Katerine tells him Egwene is the rebel Amyrlin and she has been captured (TGS, Ch. 13)
  • He fights and defeats Cords when Cords refuses to accept who he is, rather than waste half the day waiting to try and see Gareth (TGS, Ch. 23)
  • He tries to persuade Lelaine but she insists Egwene believes herself in no danger (TGS, Ch. 30)
  • Siuan offers to take Gawyn as repayment for the debt she owes him (TGS, Ch. 40)
  • Gawyn carries Egwene out of the Tower (TGS, Ch. 41)
  • Gawyn tries to insist that he and Egwene talk, but Egwene refuses (TGS, Ch. 43)

Towers of Midnight

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  • Gawyn, accompanied by Sleete, inspects the murder scene of Kateri Nepvue, of the White Ajah. He assures Captain Chubain of the Tower Guard, that he has no interest in his position as Captain. Gawyn suspects a Gray Man is the murderer and not someone of the Black Ajah. He makes a visit to Egwene in her study and tells her that she should find a way to make the Sisters bond Warders. Egwene tells Gawyn that there is a Forsaken in the Tower, causing the murders and that he should stop guarding her door. (ToM, Ch. 5)
  • Gawyn speaks to Gareth Bryne, then walks past Egwene’s quarters. There he scares off an assassin, much to Egwene’s dislike. (ToM, Ch. 22)
  • Egwene gives Gawyn a tongue-lashing and finds the Bloodknife ter'angreal. He leaves for Caemlyn without telling Egwene. (ToM, Ch. 23)
  • Gawyn talks to Elayne. And then per chance meets a former sul’dam with whom he talks about Bloodknife. He then receives a message from The Keeper bidding him to return and sends only a reply informing Egwene about the Bloodknives. (ToM, Ch. 33)
  • Gawyn decides to Travel back to the White Tower. He reaches Egwenes quarters and fights against the Bloodknives, of which there are three. He kills all three, but falls to the ground, fatally wounded. After waking, Egwene Heals Gawyn and finally bonds him. (ToM, Ch. 37)
  • Gawyn takes the responsibility of the marriage arrangements off Egwenes hands and takes the Bloodknife ter’angreal off the would-be assassins. (ToM, Ch. 42)
  • Gawyn speaks to Egwene of the armies camped, waiting for Rand and finds that his mother is still alive. (ToM, Ch. 56)

A Memory of Light

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  • Before the meeting at Merrilor, he has Egwene sleep in the White tower to avoid assasins (AMoL, Ch. 5)
  • He goes with Egwene to the meeting where the Dragon's Peace is signed and is one of the people to sign it (AMoL, Ch. 5)
  • He and Egwene marry, in a ceremony performed by Silviana (AMoL, Ch. 9)
  • He manages to think about Rand without anger (AMoL, Ch. 18)
  • Leilwin warns him about the bloodknife ter'angreal (AMoL, Ch. 18)
  • He tries to persuade himself that watching Egwene and protecting her is as important than riding out like a hero (AMoL, Ch. 18)
  • He is present when Rand comes to talk with Egwene one last time (AMoL, Ch. 19)
  • Rand tells Gawyn he is Galad's half brother and Gawyn says Galad might surprise him (AMoL, Ch. 19)
  • He is with Egwene when the Sharans arrive (AMoL, Ch. 20)
  • He hides Egwene under his cloak while the Sharans ride through the camp (AMoL, Ch. 20)
  • He is still with Egwene when the encounter Demandred (AMoL, Ch. 22)
  • He puts on the Bloodkinife ter'angreal and tells himself it is to protect Egwene and not for glory (AMoL, Ch. 22)
  • He decides to fight Demandred (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • Even with the advantages of the ter'angreal and the Warder bond, Demandred uses the Power and is too good for him and he is fatally wounded (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • He meets with Galad before he dies and tells Galad of Rand (AMoL, Ch. 37).


"We'll never hear the end of this, Elayne, if mother finds out. She told us to stay in our rooms, but you just had to get a look at Logain, didn't you? Now look what it has got us. (The Eye of the World, Chapter 40)

"I don't know why that always surprises you. Even you don't try telling Gareth what to do. He's served three Queens and been Captain-General, and First Prince Regent, for two. I daresay there are some think he's more a symbol of the Throne of Andor than the Queen is." (The Eye of the World, Chapter 40)

"I do not know about that. Not from the way he was looking at Egwene, here." He caught her look, and his sister's, and held up his hands as if to fend them off with his sheathed sword. "Besides, he has the best hand with a sword I've ever seen. The Warders only need show him something once, and he's learned it. They sweat me nearly to death to learn half what Galad does without trying." (The Great Hunt, Chapter 24)

Gawyn scratched his head, then shook it. "Well, if it has anything to do with Rand al'Thor, be sure you don't let Elaida hear of it. She has been at me like a Whitecloak Questioner three times since we arrived. I do not think she means him any -" He gave a start; there was a woman crossing the garden, a woman in a red-fringed shawl. "'Name the Dark One,'" he quoted, "'and she appears.' I do not need another lecture about wearing my shirt when I'm out of the practice yards. Good morning to you all." (The Great Hunt, Chapter 24)

"If you want company," Gawyn told Elayne with a smile, "we can do as well as any. And after what we went through, we deserve some explanation of where you've been. I would rather let Galad thump me all over the practice yard all day than face Mother again for a single minute. I'd rather have Coulin mad at me." (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 16)

"You did not kill him - I heard him groaning - so he should be on his feet by now, but they are not going to let this chance pass, now they have their hands on him. Light, four of them are Green Ajah!" Mat gave him a confused look - Green Ajah? What does that have to do with anything? - and Gawyn shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Just rest assured that the worst Galad has to worry about is finding himself Warder to a Green Aes Sedai before his head clears." He laughed. "No, they would not do that. But I will wager you those two marks of mine in your hand that some of them wish they could." (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 24)

"Calm yourself," he said, gently undoing her grip on his coat. "Light! I didn't mean to frighten you so! They arrived safely. And would not say a word of where they had been, or why. Not to me. I suppose there's scant hope you will?" She thought she kept her face straight, but he took one look and said, "I thought not. This place has more secrets than...They've vanished again. And Nynaeve, too." Nynaeve was almost an offhand addition; she might be one of Min's friends, but she meant nothing to him. His voice began to roughen once more, growing tighter by the second. "Again without a word. Not a word! Supposedly they're on a farm somewhere as penance for running away, but I cannot find out where. The Amyrlin won't give me a straight answer." (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 1)

"That has been my duty since the day she was born. My blood shed before hers; my life given before hers. I took that oath when I could barely see over the side of her cradle; Gareth Bryne had to explain to me what it meant. I won't break it now. Andor needs her more than it needs me." (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 1)

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"The Younglings serve the Tower," he replied stiffly, but his head swung uneasily. "We do as long as...Siuan Sanche...." For a moment, his eyes went icy cold. Just for an instant. "Egwene, my mother always used to say, 'Even a queen must obey the law she makes, or there is no law.'" He shook his head angrily. "I shouldn't be surprised to find you here. I should have know you would be where al'Thor is." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 25)

"I will give over everything, betray everything, for you. Come away with me, Egwene. We will both leave it all behind. I have a small estate south of Whitebridge, with a vineyard and a village, so far into the country that the sun rises two days late. The world will hardly touch us there. We can be married on the way. I don't know how much time we will have - al'Thor; Tarmon Gai'don - I do not know, but we will have it together." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 25)

"Al'Thor, one day I will see you die." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 55)

This section contains spoilers relating to The Gathering Storm. Please expand to view.

“The boy I trained would not have pulled a childish stunt like that to get my attention (Gareth, The Gathering Storm, Chapter 23)