Melli Craeb

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from Towers of Midnight, Chapter 8.

Melli Craeb is the Innkeeper of The Seven Striped Lass in Caemlyn. She is short, but has raised the area behind the bar to appear taller. Mat considers her pretty, with curled auburn hair, pretty lips and a nice bosom that she is not afraid to show. He thinks she would be good for a kiss and cuddle, but that as he is married it would be wrong, so decides she would suit Talmanes instead. When she learns of Verin's letter she first offers to open it for Mat, then when he turns down that idea, to read it and give him hints.

Rumors of her being an Amyrlin Seat are unfounded.


"Order another round," she said immediately. "For the entire bar. It would be downright charitable of you. People like a charitable fellow." to Mat.