Membership Spotlight: Maeric Kelskaith

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Author: Elyss Koh'inor, August 2017

2017-08 TVT Membership Spotlight Maeric Kelskaith.jpg

Our Membership Spotlight for the month of August is Maeric Kelskaith! Maeric is a Gaidin of Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb bonded to Adina al'Mari of the Blue Ajah, and he has recently ventured into the world of podcasting.

Some are born podcasters, some achieve a podcast, and some have podcasting thrust upon them. Maeric Gaidin won the opportunity to create a four-episode podcast as a door prize at a networking event. As a licensed acupuncturist specializing in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Maeric Gaidin decided to create programming with other experts for The Get Foxy Show. Primarily geared towards women aged 30-60, Maeric Gaidin’s goal is to help people “tap into your innate confidence, your divine femininity, and cultivate your inner fox.”

When asked what he has enjoyed the most about his podcasting experience so far, Maeric Gaidin replied that he has loved the opportunity to interact with “some amazing, powerful, and super-foxy women.” He was surprised by just how easy it was to create a podcast and to get your message out into the world.

It was Maeric Kelskaith’s journey through Acupuncture school in a new city that he claims as one of the main reasons he initially stayed on TarValon.Net, the site providing him with social interaction and community during his studies. Maeric Gaidin discovered the site while exploring the internet for Wheel of Time related content. Since then he has served as a Warder Councillor for Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb twice and attended several Anniversary Parties. When asked which was his favorite event, he said, “I hold no favorites,” though he did admit that his first local Tower event holds a special place in his memory.

Maeric Gaidin did not go through the same Guesting process we have in place now. His experience of applying to join his company is a fond Tower memory. In response to his “amazing application letter,” the Gaidin of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb wrote back with “messages saying that my application was the worst and it had not only pissed them off but also the Amyrlin Seat. I still have to chuckle...”

His answer to the question, “How did you know you belonged with MDD?” is too great to mix in just a few quotes, so the entire answer had to be included:

Frankly, I didn't know I belonged with MDD until I was accepted by MDD. What I did know was that the guys in MDD were the most fun to chat with. And, many of them reminded me of a friend I had in college. His name was John. For the first few weeks that I knew John, I wanted to beat the shit out of him. He was always saying and doing stuff that ticked me off. But after awhile, he started mellowing. Or at least, he wasn't intentionally trying to get my goat. What I realized was that he acted like an asshole to test those around him - to see if they could hang. And at the time, MDD was like that. They totally messed with me when I applied.

No one likes to think about even the possibility of no longer having the Tower, but if it were to disappear, Maeric Gaidin says that he would miss the people the most, Adina and the friendships he has made. “I’d miss the cheesiness. I’d miss the snark. And I’d miss the fun.”

Thank you to Maeric Kelskaith for providing an interview, and best of luck with your podcast!