Membership Survey 2011

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Author: Erin al'Denael, January 2011

When is it?

The Membership Survey will be available this year for one month, from January 15, 2011 until February 15, 2011.

Why do we do it?

Feedback is important with any endeavor; TarValon.Net is no exception. This survey covers all aspects of the site and community, and the answers are used by the Executives, Directors, and administrators to improve experiences for everyone across the board. For example, comments regarding the Guilds will help the Department of Community Development best understand how members use or don't use them. The question over household income is included to help determine the best way to generate interest in our philanthropic activities. The reasons that one attends real life events are very important; that information helps guide the Department of Events and Conferences in their choosing of locations for events. Every question on the survey is there to help TV.Net administration improve how things work.

What work goes into creating the Membership Survey?

Planning for the next year's survey starts with an immediate post-survey review in March to go over comments and results, and to formulate a general game plan on how to proceed for the next year. While this is being developed, the Department of Administration is also doing an in depth analysis to be published and presented to the membership at large.

The next stage kicks into gear in October, when our Executives review the past questions and see if they want to add, remove, or otherwise change anything to their parts in last year's survey. In November, the Executive's suggestions are used to help formulate the next year's set of questions. In December, the survey is handed over to the Department of Technology; they take the questions and give back a finished form for members to participate in.

The survey takes place in January and February for two reasons. First, data shows that those 2 months are the most active for TarValon.Net. Second, the Annual Administrative Meeting is held in the spring -- the timing of the survey gives the Department of Administration time to tally results and still have the information be fresh for the meeting.

So spread the word! And take the survey (when it's available on January 15)!