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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Meneril is a young Cairhienin lord. The stripes of color on his coat, indicating his rank, are about half of what Semaradrid, who has slashes of color below his waist, has. During the civil war in Cairhien, he received a scar on his face that pulls up the left corner of his mouth in a permanent, sardonic smile.

Meneril is with the Tairen, Cairhienin and Aiel that are on the Plains of Maredo, near the border of Tear. When Rand goes to speak with them, he orders them not to move against Sammael's soldiers in Illian until Mat has arrived to lead them. The Tairens think that, for the trek across the Plains of Maredo to Illian, they can carry all the supplies that they need with them and then live off of the supplies in Illian, but Meneril and Semaradrid do not want to trust their soldiers' bellies to uncertain foraging if there is another way.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 4)