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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Mora was the Wise One of Colrada Hold when Bair was a girl. She had the ability to Dreamwalk and to channel strongly. She was one of Bair's trainers. She had at least three husbands over the course of her life.

Bair claims that she was a remarkable woman. She knew many things, and other Wise Ones came from every clan to learn from her. There are many stories about her, including one in which she supposedly moved a mountain. Melaine says that she heard every story about Mora when she was a girl, and that she still knows them all by heart.

She taught Bair that you could be pulled into another person's dreams against your will if you made yourself aware of the person's dreams and if there existed great emotions of love or hate great enough to make no room for anything else. This happened to Mora twice: once with her first husband, and once with a rival for her third husband's interest.

She was almost three hundred years old when she died of a bloodsnake bite, though she still looked as young as Amys or Melaine.

(Reference: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 15)