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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Nesair is a Maiden of the Spear who follows Rand. She is Shaido.

Nesair is fiery-haired and beautiful despite the white scars on both of her sun-dark cheeks.

When Rand returns to Cairhien from Illian, three Maidens, Nesair, Nandera and Somara, enter his rooms and proceed to beat him up. Nesair punches him in the right side hard enough to make him stumble sideways, and later pounds him with their fists. All three are careful not to hit him on his left side because of his wounds there. When finally his knees thump to the floor tiles, they stand back. Nesair then bends to catch a fistful of his hair and jerks his head back, telling him that she left her clan for him and that she will not let him spit on her. Apparently, Rand had promised to call them to dance the spears for him, but then he left them behind.

Afterwards, Rand tells Min the three Maidens have earned the right to beat him up.

When Rand leaves his room, Nesair, Nandera and Somara are all wearing flat stares. Rand muses to himself that he thinks Nesair is Shaido, and that he will have to keep a hard eye on her.

(Reference: The Path of Daggers, Chapter 27)