New Spring: Chapter 12

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Entering Home

Chapter Icon: A Fish

Points of view: Moiraine, Lan

Setting: The White Tower; Near Kinslayer's Dagger

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Eadyth, Cabriana Mecandes, Cetalia Delarme; Lan, Bukama


After being raised, Moiraine and Siuan plan their future


Moiraine's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Eadyth, Cabriana Mecandes, Cetalia Delarme

Once in the Blue quarters, every Blue Sister currently in Tar Valon welcomes Moiraine and Siuan. Eadyth tells Cabriana Mecandes to show the two new Aes Sedai to their rooms, and then tells Moiraine and Siuan that she wishes to speak with them later. Moiraine and Siuan learn that Eadyth is the First Selector, or Head, of the Blue Ajah.

After she is shown to her room, Moiraine quickly changes out of her Accepted dress into one of the blue wool dresses that she finds in her dressing room. She and Siuan then go to Eadyth's rooms.

What Eadyth had wished to speak to them about was the order of precedence among Aes Sedai. The stronger you are in the One Power, the higher you stand.

On their way back to their rooms, another Aes Sedai, Cetalia Delarme, stops them and, after testing Siuan's ability with puzzles, whisks her away. Moiraine later learns from Siuan that Cetalia is the Head of the Blue Ajah eyes-and-ears. Siuan has been selected to work with Cetalia on deciphering reports, although she does not wish to.

Moiraine has also been given a job; she is to be in charge of distributing the bounty. She doesn't want to do this because it will interfere with her leaving the Tower. She tells Siuan that she is afraid that the Hall wants to put her on the throne of Cairhien. They decide that they will find a way out.

Lan's Point of View:

Setting: Near Kinslayer's Dagger

Characters: Lan, Bukama

Lan thinks about how the Aiel War is ending as the Aiel retreat back to the Aiel Waste. He and Bukama speak of leaving for Malkier; Lan is eager to return to his battle against the Shadow.



First Mentioned

Anaiya, Cabriana, Caniedrin, Carewin, Cetalia Delarme, Kairen, Natasia, Pedron Miall

First Appearance

Anaiya, Cabriana, Caniedrin, Cetalia, Kairen, Natasia

Character Development


Shows how good she is at puzzles and patterns She is also unable to stop herself showing off


She is able to puzzle out that Cetalia heads the Blue Ajah Eyes and Ears just from learning she had Siuan look at old reports


  • Before Moiraine and Siuan, there were around 44/45 Blue Ajah Aes Sedai in Tar Valon
  • Moiraine notices Cabriana and Kairen take their lead from Anaiya. It is subtle but obvious to someone trained in the Sun Palace

Mysteries Resolved

Why did Elaida defer to Meilyn

We see why she deferred and mostly understand how it could be possible that Siuan and Moiraine hadn’t noticed it before. We do learn that from the moment that girls enter the tower, they are taught it is extremely rude to speak of someone’s strength in the Tower and discouraged from thinking of their strength in terms of anyone else’s. They must have forgot to tell Egwene and Nynaeve this.

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