New Spring: Chapter 13

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Wheel and Serpent Chapter Icon.png

Business in the City

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Moiraine

Setting: Tar Valon

Characters: Moiraine, Siuan, Mistress Dormaile, Tamore Alkohima


Moiraine buys a dress


After receiving a letter of rights worth one thousand gold crowns, Moiraine heads out into Tar Valon to deposit it at her bank. When she gets there, she learns that, nine days ago, a Cairhienin wearing the uniform of a captain in the Tower Guard arrived with an order that was supposedly signed by the Amyrlin. The order said to lay open Moiraine's finances to him. Luckily for Moiraine, Mistress Dormaile, the banker, had him imprisoned, although he later escaped.

Wanting to be prepared, Moiraine begins to lay down plans, not to run away, but to be ready.

Later, Moiraine and Siuan visit a dressmaker named Tamore Alkohima. Moiraine ends up ordering twenty dresses, though Siuan only gets six. Siuan complains about the price, and Moiraine can tell that Tamore is displeased; she knows that Tamore will find a way to get back at Siuan for it (and at Moiraine for keeping her waiting while she spoke to Siuan about it), most likely by making the gowns very snug and revealing, as well as in a very light color, at least for Moiraine. Moiraine also orders four dark, Cairhienin-style riding dresses.

Moiraine is quite pleased with the day, however. She thinks that the number of dresses she has ordered will make the Hall think that she plans on staying at the Tower for a long while. Moiraine thinks to herself that, for the moment, she is as ready as she can be.



  • Tarabon prorduces fine porcelain
  • Aes Sedai receive a stipend of 1000 crowns per year. They can get more if needed, but this is more than many people would earn in their lives

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