New Spring: Chapter 15

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Stag's Head Chapter Icon.png

Into Canluum

Chapter Icon: A Stag's Head

Point of View: Lan

Setting: Canluum, Kandor

Characters: Lan, Bukama


Lan enters Canluum


Lan and Bukama are riding into Canluum. They attract a lot of attention, mainly because of the hadori that they wear. As they reach the outer towers, a young guard calls out to them. "Al'Lan Mandragoran! The Light preserve us, we heard you were dead fighting the Aiel at the Shining Walls! Tai'shar Malkier! I stand ready, Majesty." Lan calmly replies that he is not a king. Bukama is angry, because the guard speaks as if he were Malkieri, yet he wears his hair short and does not wear a hadori. An officer appears and welcomes Lan, but he does not let them by until Bukama swears to uphold the peace.

Lan and Bukama begin to search for a place to stay; Lan does not wish to stay at Lord Marcasiev's palace, because then he will have to attend balls and hunts.



First Mention

Akir, Leanne, Varan Marcasiev, Ethenielle, Nazar Kurenin, Seroku

First Appearance

Nazar Kurenin, Seroku

Character Development

  • Lan does not trust Aes Sedai and cannot understand why someone would agree to be a Warder.

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