New Spring: Chapter 21

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Some Tricks of the Power

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Points of view: Lan, Moiraine



Lan's Point of View:

Setting: On the road to Chachin

Characters: Moiraine, Lan, Bukama, Ryne, Caniedrin

The trip to Chachin is extremely memorable for Lan. Aside from the expected difficulties, such as bandits and storms (both of which Moiraine takes care of rather easily), Moiraine plays a number of pranks on Lan in an attempt to extract an apology for throwing her in the pond. Each night, she has a different surprise for him: sharp flicks of an invisible switch whenever he begins to drift off to sleep, sand in his clothes and boots, and ants in his smallclothes. He barely reacts to any of them.

Moiraine's Point of View:

Setting: On the road to Chachin

Characters: Moiraine, Lan, Bukama, Ryne, Caniedrin

As far as Moiraine is concerned, she means to 'bring him properly to heel.'

Soon, they reach a village named Ravinda, where Moiraine continues her search for Avene Sahera; the Saheras she found in Manala were not the right ones. It is here that she finds the woman, but her child was born thirty miles from Dragonmount and at least a week too early.

After leaving Ravinda, they are continuing their journey to Chachin when an assassin attempts to kill Lan; Moiraine is asking Lan whether or not he is allergic to wasps in an attempt to plan for that night when she sees that he has just been shot with an arrow. Moiraine quickly weaves shields of Air in front of Lan and herself, and then wraps the assassin in flows of Air; she had just meant to keep him from shooting again, but Bukama and Ryne use this chance to loose arrows of their own. When they reach the assassin, Lan and Bukama are astounded to see that it is Caniedrin, one of the men that had fought with them in the Aiel War. Caniedrin dies after telling them that he had been paid to kill them. "Gold. Why else? You still have the Dark One's luck turning just then or that shaft would have found your heart. He should have told me she's Aes Sedai instead of just saying to kill her first." Moiraine checks the pouch hanging behind his quiver to see if there are any clues about who sent him; she finds nothing.

Bukama and Ryne tend to Lan. They remove the arrow from his shoulder, and Moiraine asks if he will accept Healing, which he does.

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