New Spring: Chapter 22

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Keeping Custom

Chapter Icon: The Kandori Horse

Point of View: Lan

Setting: Chachin

Characters: Moiraine, Lan, Bukama, Ryne, Brys, Edeyn



As soon as they reach Chachin, Lan bids Moiraine farewell and then takes off towards the Aesdaishar Palace. Once he introduces himself at the palace, he, Bukama and Ryne are escorted inside. Bukama and Ryne are shown to rooms inside the barracks, and Lan is given three rooms within the palace. He is also assigned two serving-women and a messenger boy.

Once inside his rooms, Lan asks the serving women whether Queen Ethenielle is in residence. Upon learning that she is not, he asks after Prince Brys, Ethenielle's consort, who is in residence. Lastly, he asks if any notables are visiting, and learns that Edeyn is there.

Once Lan has changed into something more suitable, he sits down to wait. Edeyn sends a messenger to him, but he replies that he wishes for time to recover from his journey. Upon hearing this, Edeyn sends him a note that reads, "Come to me, sweetling. Come to me now." Lan simply burns the note.

Finally, the Shatayan, Mistress Romera, comes and asks if he is rested enough to be received by Brys. Lan is led to a large formal hall filled with Kandori lords and ladies, as well as with men wearing the hadori and women with the ki'sain on their foreheads. Brys and Lan greet each other, before the Prince leads Lan to Edeyn.

After greeting him, Edeyn kneels before him and swears fealty to Lan, evoking loud cheers of "The Golden Crane!" and "Kandor rides with Malkier!"

Brys quickly leads Lan to a private balcony, and remarks that he would not have welcomed Edeyn to the Aesdaishar Palace if he had known that she would do that.

When Lan returns to his rooms, it is to find Edeyn waiting for him. They speak for a while, and Edeyn makes a comment about Lan marrying her daughter, Iselle, which horrifies Lan. Eventually, they end up in bed.

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