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Nym were artificial beings, constructed from the One Power during the Age of Legends to aid with plants and growing things. When a Nym walked, they left footprints full of sprouting things (TSR, Ch. 26). It was said that a Nym did not died as long as plants grew (TSR, Ch. 26) and that “Where a Nym touched, all manner of green and growing things thrived” (TWoRJTWT, Ch. 3). Most of the Nym were killed during the War of the Shadow, Someshta being the only known survivor. They manifested their abilities in conjunction with Ogier and Aiel, by singing, dancing to weave together the voices, the plants that sprouted eventually growing twice and would not be touched bty insects or disease (TSR, Ch. 26). They were tall, head and shoulders taller than an Ogier (TSR, Ch. 26) and apparently made of plant material