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The Reports Manager assists with data and documentation throughout the process of creating reports -- both Annual Reports and Membership Surveys -- for the community of TarValon.Net.

Position Level: Administrator

Department: Non Departmental

Rotation: Non rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Administrator Merit

Chain of Command

The Reports Manager reports directly to the Keeper.

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities for this position are to analyze data and to compile it into easily accessible documents for the TarValon.Net community. Here is a tentative list of responsibilities broken down by project:

Annual Report
  • Assist with organizing and disseminating information into Annual Reports for 2020 and 2021 using the existing structure
  • Modify and/or revise the Annual Report format and contents to be in line with current IRS and/or 501(c)7 requirements, reducing redundancy, and possibly incorporating new data to provide a better snapshot of TarValon.Net
  • Assist with organizing and disseminating information into future Annual Reports from 2022 onward
Membership Survey
  • Modify and/or revise our existing Membership Survey, or develop something entirely new, for release in 2023
  • Analyze the survey data and pull data to present to the Executive Team, Departments, and the community as a whole
  • Modify and/or revise the survey after completion to account for feedback on effectiveness


  • Coordinate activities with the Keeper
  • Ultimate goal once the backlog of Annual Reports is processed will be to have the Annual Report and Survey handled offset by 6 months each (i.e. Annual Report released in Q1, Survey results released in Q3)
  • Respond to emails or other role-related communications within 3 days outside of leaves of absence
  • Confidentiality is a must in regard to all data
  • Meet negotiated deadlines, and communicate any difficulties or problems in a timely manner

Time Commitment

This will vary depending upon the project, but hours are in alignment with Administrator-level positions. Time needed will increase leading up to and after the release of documents to the community. Additional time will be needed to analyze, disseminate, and pull data to be shared from the Membership Survey as well (10+ hours).


  • Proficiency with and have access to the Google Suite of products, and/or Microsoft Office
  • Experience making infographics would be nice, but is not required
  • Be a community member in good standing of at least 6 months of any rank


The Reports Manager position is a merger of the Annual Reports Project Manager and the Survey Project Manager (they were previously in the now defunct Department of Administration and then got moved to the Department of Research and Records). Both positions have been unused for some time due to changes in site leadership over the years. With a backlog on both fronts regarding Annual Reports and the Membership Surveys, it was decided that a new position should be created to fulfill the responsibilities for both, since they were deemed very similar.

Report Managers

  • Vacant