Ries Gorthanes

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Ries Gorthanes is the name given by a Cairhienin man who tried to gain access to Moiraine's accounts using a forged signature of the Amyrlin several days before Moiraine was raised. Mistress Dormaile recognised the forgery, though would not reveal private account details in any case. He was overpowered and restrained, but escaped before the Tower Guard could come for him. The young man whom he bribed in order to escape was strapped and set on a riverboat to Tear. Mistress Dormaille sent a letter to Moiraine telling her of this, but the Tower did not give it to her. Moiraine concludes it was the first move in trying to put her on the Sun Throne.

As she leaves Tar Valon on Bluewing, she sees him still in Tar Valon, talking to the dockmistress who is pointing out where she is. He was tall and broad shouldered, clean shaven and good looking despite a scar back from his left eye to his ear. His accents suggested he was educated or even noble.

(Reference: New Spring, Chapter 13)