River Arinelle

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


The Arinelle is a river in the Westlands, flowing from Maradon in Saldaea through Andor where it joins the Manetherendrelle. Tributaries include the Ivo, the Taren and the Haevin (TWoRJTWoT, Map, TEotW, Ch. 18). Much of the river is located in unclaimed land and from Maradon, to Whitebridge, there are no bridges and river boats provide the only means of crossing. There are no major cities along the river, though the remains of Shadar Logoth were on the west bank (TEotW, Ch. 18) until being destroyed when Rand cleansed the taint (WH, Ch. 35). In the unclaimed land north of Andor, two great sights lay on the river, the first is a set of carvings into high walls on either side, the second, the Tower of Ghenjei, which is visible from the river, about ten days from Whitebridge (TEotW, Ch. 24).

In earlier times, it marked the northern border of Farashelle with Masenashar and Dal Calain, then the northern part of the border between Farashelle and Aldeshar, before it joins the Manetheren. during the time of the Ten Nations, it formed the border between Manetheren and Aridhol and between Manetheren and Coremanda, before it joined the Manetherendrelle (TWoRJTWoT).


The Arinelle ran between high bluffs that stretched for half a mile on either side. For that whole length the stone had been cut into figures, men and women a hundred feet tall, with crowns proclaiming them kings and queens. No two were alike in that royal procession, and long years separated the first from the last. Wind and rain had worn those at the north end smooth and almost featureless, with faces and details becoming more distinct as they went south (The Eye of the World, Chapter 24)