Compact of the Ten Nations

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


After the havoc wreaked by the Breaking of the World, it took almost two hundred years for any nations to form.

Around 209 AB, ten different nations signed The Compact of Ten Nations. The purpose for this compact was to provide protection against the Shadowspawn and Darkfriends who still roamed the land. It was obvious that some kind of unification was necessary; however, no nation was willing to give up its sovereignty.

The Compact of Ten Nations was also known as "The Second Compact".

The ten rulers who signed the Compact of Ten Nations are as follows: King Coerid Nosar (Aelgar), King Remedan the Goldentongued (Almoren), Queen Mabriam en Shereed (Aramaelle), Queen Doreille Torghin (Aridhol), King Ladoman (Coremanda), King Temanin (Eharon), First Lord Cristol (Essenia), High Queen Egoridin (Jaramide), Queen Sorelle ay Marena (Manetheren) and King Eawynd (Safer).

The Compact of Ten Nations lasted for approximately eight hundred years. Around this time, the Trolloc Wars began.

The Compact attempted to do what it had been built to do: protect the nations from the Shadow. However, there was one huge weakness. This was the fact that each nation was far more concerned with the well being of its own people than that of its neighbors, and often could not spare the soldiers to send help to other nations.

By the end of the Trolloc Wars, many of the nations of the Compact of Ten Nations had been destroyed.

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