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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Manel Rochaid was an Asha'man from Murandy. He was two years younger and a hand shorter than Rand with cold eyes and waxed and curled mustaches (TPoD, Ch. 21; WH, Ch. 22).

He was Gedwyn's second and called himself Baijan'm'hael, meaning "Attack Leader" in the Old Tongue (TPoD, Ch. 21).


  • When Rand chose Dashiva to accompany him, Taim advised him to rather take Rochaid or Torval. When Rand declined, Taim called to those two as well as Gedwyn and Kisman as he strode off (ACoS, Ch. 2).
  • After the first skirmish with the Seanchan, he and Gedwyn stood talking apart from the others (TPoD, Ch. 23).
  • He, Dashiva and Gedwyn attacked Rand's apartments in the Sun Palace. Afterwards, Taim acted abashed, because his men had deserted (TPoD, Ch. 29).
  • Taim, Demandred and Moridin ordered the "renegades" to kill Rand. Rochaid and Kisman were supposed to wait for Gedwyn and Torval in Far Madding, but Rochaid talked Kisman into carrying out the order by themselves. Rochaid walked through the city, followed by Rand and led him into an ambush. Rand and Rochaid fought and then Kisman attacked Rand, but instead of stabbing Rand, he accidentally killed Rochaid (WH, Ch. 22).


  • Rand did not intend to show weakness in front of Gedwyn and Rochaid (TPoD, Ch. 21).
  • He wanted to prove himself better than Rand and intended to earn glory by being the one to kill him (WH, Ch. 22).


"He strode across the square like a king, one hand resting lightly on the hilt of his sword, a fur-edged cloak billowing behind him in the wind. He was a fool. That flapping cloak and the sword alike drew eyes. His waxed and curled mustaches named him a Murandian, who should be shivering like any normal human being, and that sword... A pure bull goose fool." (Rand about Rochaid; Winter's Heart, Chapter 22)