Winter's Heart: Chapter 22

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Out of thin Air

Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Points of View: Rand, Kisman, Rand, Isam


Rand is in Far Madding. He fights Rochaid and Kisman killing the first one. Kisman is killed later by Fain. We find out Isam/Luc killed a lot of people and have one of the Forsaken as their patron.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Far Madding

Characters: Rand, Manel Rochaid, Raefar Kisman

Rand trails Rochaid, having lured him to Far Madding. Lews Therin rants in his head, un-impresed with the plan. He bumps into an Aiel, in bright green, who has come to Far Madding to try to follow the Way of the Leaf, as have many others. He follows Rochaid into an alley, where he loses him, only to find him waiting, the bindings on his sword broken. While Rochaid gloats, Rand attacks, seriously wounding Rochaid with his bare hands before he can draw his sword. A sound behind him alerts Rand, and just as Kisman attacks, he ducks, causing Kisman to kill Rochaid. Rand takes Rochaid's sword. They hear the city guard coming and agree to flee to avoid capture, with Rand throwing Rochaid's sword down.

Kisman's Point of View:

Setting: Far Madding

Characters: Manel Rochaid, Raefar Kisman

Kisman walks back to his rooms, annoyed that he had let Rochaid talk him into this action. He thinks on the orders to kill Rand, which have been given three times, from Taim, Demandred and Moridin. While he is distracted, Fain steps in to stab him with the dagger, killing him.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Far Madding

Characters: Rand, Min, Alivia, Lan, Nynaeve

Rand returns to the Crown of Maredo Inn and takes Min upstairs to talk, along with Nynaeve and Alivia. He tells them that one of the men is dead. Min is concerned that she felt nothing from him when he did it.

Isam/Luc's Point of view

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod, Far Madding

Characters: Isam, Luc

Isam examines a room in Tel'aran'rhiod. He stands by the bed and steps out into the real world, becoming Luc. He kills the two people that are in the room, thinking back to the memories of the two Aes Sedai he killed in the Stone of Tear, though that had been Isam. He steps back, thinking of the Gray man he killed in the Tower, and greets his patron, one of the Forsaken. He is told not to try again until he is given instructions, which disappoints him as he was looking forward to killing his nephew. He becomes Isam again.


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Mysteries Resolved

Slayer killed Amico and Joiya, and also the Gray Man in the Tower.

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