Saml Hake

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Saml Hake is the innkeeper of The Dancing Cartman in Four Kings, Andor. He is bony with long stringy hair to his shoulders.

He is unfriendly and greedy. Even his appearance - being the first skinny innkeeper Rand has ever seen - forebodes ill for the young Two Rivers men.

After searching every inn in Four Kings, Rand and Mat ask for a room or a pallet in Hake's inn and offer to entertain his patrons. Grudgingly at first, he agrees to give them a pallet when the last customer is gone. The way Hake eyes the heron-mark sword makes it clear for Rand that the innkeeper intends to rob him. Late at night, he leads the two boys into an old storeroom where they may spend the night.

(Reference: The Eye of the World, Chapter 32)


"Hake was carrying an oil lamp, and to Rand's surprise he gave a little bow and gestured to a side door with it. 'Your pallets are this way.' Only a slight twist of his lips spoiled his act.

Mat thrust his chin out at Jak and Strom. 'You need those two to show us our beds?'

'I'm a man of property,' Hake said, smoothing the front of his soiled apron, 'and men of property can't be too careful.' (Hake and Mat; The Eye of the World, Chapter 32)