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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Shimron is a powerful nobleman from Arad Doman. He is gaunt with white hair and a small gold hoop in his ear (CoT, Prologue).

According to Rodel Ituralde, Shimron is not a bad commander in the field, but he has always been pedantic. When he was younger, he fought against the Aiel alongside Ituralde during the Aiel War. He was one of King Alsalam's most trusted advisors until he joined the Dragonsworn. Now he stands high in their councils, which is certainly why he is the one who welcomes Ituralde to their meeting. (CoT, Prologue)

Ituralde proclaims his orders from the King to prevent the Seanchan from advancing into and taking Arad Doman and offers a truce to the Dragonsworn: not to fight against them until the Seanchan are dealt with if they pledge the same. Upon hearing this, Shimron recalls his encounter with the damane on Almoth Plain and wonders whether it is possible to drive the Seanchan back. When Ituralde lets them know he has a plan, everyone pledges (CoT, Prologue). He is killed sometime before The Gathering Storm by a damane's fireball (TGS, Ch. 10).