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The Royal Palace is home to the Queen of Andor and her family and from here she governs the country. The palace sits on top of the highest hill in the Inner City of Caemlyn. It is a perfect example of Ogier stonework and, like much of the Inner City, is made of white stone. The Palace has many tall, white spires topped by golden domes and stonework that looks as intricate as lacework; balconies provide views of the city. Legend states that any claimant for the throne who approaches the Royal Palace in splendour will surely fail. Also, holding the Royal Palace does not cement a claim for the Andoran throne (This passage needs a reference). It has something of the look of a war bunker (ToM, Ch. 19).


The main entrance to the palace is through the Queen's Plaza, an oval shaped plaza flanked by tall, gilded gates. The outer wall looks like a cliff but is easy to climb, something that the palace guards are all too aware of. Anyone wishing a more private entrance can enter via the South Stable Gates, or the Plum Gate at the southeast. The corridors in the Royal Palace are lined with tapestries while vases and other works of art and placed on tables or in alcoves.


There are many gardens and courtyards in the palace filled with beautiful flowers and water features, including the Rose March and the Sunrise Garden, on top of the palace's eastern wing and rimmed by an oval of white stonework (ToM, Ch. 17).

Internal Layout

Inside the palace is a library, though it does not compare with the Royal Library in Cairhien or the library in the White Tower. The Great Hall of the Royal Palace is the throne room. White columns are positioned in two rows leading towards the throne. The dais supports the gilded Lion Throne and is flanked by two tapestries depicting the White Lion on a red background. Moonstones represent the White Lion on the top of the throne and this pattern is surrounded by rubies. Swearing oaths on the Lion Throne is an old Andoran tradition. It is said that no man can feel comfortable sitting on the throne as he will have sealed his doom. Elayne, however, thinks that the Lion Throne is simply too small for a man to sit on. The vaulted ceiling and the windows of the Great Hall are decorated with pictures of queens, battles and the White Lion. Other rooms in the palace include the Map Room and the Blue Reception Room.


Servants in the palace wear red uniforms with white collars and cuffs; the White Lion is embroidered onto the breast of the livery. As it is Ogier built, the servants quarters are as elegant as the rest of the building (ToM, Ch. 22). The Royal Palace is run by the First Maid and First Clerk, Reene Harfor and Halwin Norry respectively as of Crossroads of Twilight. Servants too old to work in the palace are given apartments in the Pensioners' Quarters and the Queen supplements their pensions (TFoH, Ch. 19).