The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 19

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

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Chapter Icon: Ruby Hilted Dagger

Points of View: Morgase, Padan Fain


Morgase's Point of View:

Setting: Caemlyn

Characters: Morgase, Tallanvor, Lini

Morgase is in her sitting room. Guardsman Lieutenant Martyn Tallanvor tells her of a rebellion in the Two Rivers; someone has raised the banners of Manetheren. Lord Gaebril has already been informed, which he actually should not have been, and has waved it aside as a minor problem that has to be dealt with, when he has got time. Morgase is enraged to hear this and goes to confront him, just to find him surrounded by lords and ladies who had opposed her during the Succession.

She wants to talk to him about the matters in the Two Rivers, but he uses Compulsion to send her away. When Morgase can think somewhat clearer, she realizes she is in the Pensioner's Quarters and goes to Lini. The old nursemaid opens her eyes about Gaebril and Morgase decides to reestablish her rule from somewhere out of Caemlyn. She sends Lini to fetch Tallanvor and asks him about loyalty among the people in the palace. They all swore their loyalty to the law and the Throne of Andor, but not to the Queen, but Tallanvor knows a man loyal to his Queen.

Disguised, Morgase and Lini slip out of the palace to meet Tallanvor again at The Queen's Blessing stableyard. There they get to know Basel Gill, Lamgwin Dorn and Breane Taborwin, who have more or less decided to follow her. Tallanvor suggests riding for Kore Springs, to get Gareth Bryne on their side.

Padan Fain's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Padan Fain, Alviarin

Fain sneaks about the dark corridors of the White Tower. He unlocks a warded door to an old storeroom, where the dagger from Shadar Logoth is kept. The urge to be complete pulls him toward it. An Accepted on duty enters the room and immediately gets a slice across her cheek by Fain. He put his head out of the door to see if the corridors are still empty. He sees the Accepted dying painfully. Alviarin slips in and binds Fain with Air, but after some small talk she lets him go, unsure of his position among the Darkfriends. He then heads for his followers that are waiting outside of Tar Valon.

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