Tar Valon Times April Mad Libs

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Author: Elyss Koh'inor

Welcome to The Tar Valon Times Mad Libs!

This month’s Mad Libs just includes a list of required words, which will be included in a story in the May Tar Valon Times.

There are just a few ground rules to lay out before we begin.

  1. A person can only submit ONE word in ONE comment. A person can submit multiple comments, but no double commenting is allowed. Example: Timmy can submit one word in his first comment. Then Susy submits a word in her comment. Timmy can then comment again with the next word. And so on.
  2. Word submissions are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Example: If the first required word in an adjective, then the first commenter must submit an adjective.
  3. Please be respectful of other members, submissions, etc.
  4. Have fun, and be a little silly! Mad Libs are meant to make people laugh!


Submissions will close April 28

April Fools - Word List

  1. Adjective
  2. Name 1
  3. Verb
  4. Past tense verb
  5. Plural noun
  6. Number
  7. Adverb
  8. Adjective
  9. Noun
  10. Past tense verb
  11. Adverb
  12. Past tense verb
  13. Animal
  14. Adverb
  15. Noun
  16. Plural noun
  17. Adjective
  18. Color 1
  19. Color 2
  20. Color 3
  21. Verb –ing
  22. Verb –ed
  23. Adjective

Kyla Sterling - Adjective: Glorious
Maibella Rhoiden - Name: Kyla
Kyla Sterling - Verb: wish
Fern Al'Thorn - past tense verb: ran
Marivea al'Corriyi - plural noun: hemorrhoids
Aduiavas Ida - Number: 4595
Kyla Sterling - Adverb: swiftly
Elanda Tonil - Adjective: Silly
Kyla Sterling - Noun: Cat
Kerna Shedrian - Past tense verb: screamed
Blu al'Eloquene - Color: mahogany


Here are the results of April's Tar Valon Times Mad Libs! Just like last time, submitted words are bolded. Unfortunately, by the end of the submission period, we did not have enough word suggestions to fill in the entire mad libs. As a result, my dad filled in the final words. Enjoy!

The glorious prank of the year was so close, Kyla could wish it. She ran in the corner, ready to pounce. The hemorrhoids were in place, and 4595 other Junior Members were waiting swiftly.

Another prankster tapped Kyla’s shoulder. “We have a silly problem.”

The strings on the cat were coming loose. They could hear a group of Aes Sedai coming this way, would they have the time to fix the problem?

Kyla screamed across the hall to fiddle with the strings. Everything had to be madly perfect. The Aes Sedai rounded the corner.

Once dropped on a string, and Kyla sat back to watch her handiwork. The porcupine ran along its track, pulling hesitatingly on the string that let the wombat fall. The Aes Sedai stopped as machine guns dropped from the ceiling, and barking Junior Members flooded the hall to see the result.

Mahogany, chartreuse, and pink glitter burst from the corners of the hallway, kicking the Aes Sedai. The Junior Members laughed until the Aes Sedai began to channel. A weave of Air swept the glitter into a whirlwind.

The Junior Members forgot, chased by a cloud of glitter and purple Aes Sedai.