The Aes Sedai Reconciliation

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During the raid on the Tower by the Seanchan, Elaida was captured. There was no feeling amongst the Aes Sedai to attempt a rescue, so it was decided to name a new Amyrlin. At first no candidate could gain sufficient support, with most Sitters refusing to even consider someone not of their own Ajah. The Ajah heads, excluding Tsutama, met to agree on a candidate and decided that Egwene al'Vere was one of the few people that the Hall might agree on, and that this would help to reunite the Tower (TGS, Ch. 43).

The Hall agreed to raise her and sent a party to summon her to the Tower. Despite some reservations, she agreed and was raised in a second ceremony, after first ensuring that conditions, such as the re-formation of the Blue Ajah, and re-admittance of all the rebels were met. She forced the rebels to apologise and chastised the Tower Sitters for allowing Elaida to almost destroy the Tower. Around this time, the Black Ajah in the Tower fled, having presumably been warned by the events in the rebel camp (TGS Epilogue). She named Silviana as Keeper of the Chronicles as she thought Silviana was one of the few women to do her duty during the split, but also to try and reconcile with the Red Ajah, who were not involved in raising her (TGS, Ch. 46).

After Egwene was raised Amyrlin, the Tower was reunited. Several Sitters fled the tower before they could be arrested, these were:

After Egwene takes control, a new Hall is reconstituted. The Sitters who joined the rebels, including Janya, all reclaim their places

The New Hall

Blue: Lelaine. The two others are not named, but it seems likely Lyrelle is one of them

Brown: Saerin, Takima and Janya

Gray: Varilin, Yukiri and Andaya. Andaya kept her place and the new rebels stepped down

Green: Rubinde, Faiselle, Farnah. The new Greens all stepped down and Farnah replaced Talene, who was Black Ajah

Red: Raechin, Viria and Barasine. All the previous Sitters were replaced.

White: Seaine, Ferane and Saroiya. The replacement rebels stepped down. Ferane kept her place

Yellow: Romanda, Magla and Doesine. Romanda was able to force Suana to step down.