The Gathering Storm: Chapter 43

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Sealed to the Flame

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Points of View: Egwene, Jesse Bilal, Siuan


Egwene is angry with Siuan for rescuing her. She tells Gawyn they can't have a relationship unless he sees her as Amyrlin. In the White Tower the Heads of Ajah decide that Egwene should be their Amyrlin. Gareth Byrne reveals that his second condition for Siuan is to marry him. Egwene swears the Three Oaths before the Hall and proclaims she is not a darkfriend. Moria and Sheriam are revealed as Black Ajah. All the Sitters reswear the Three Oaths and it's decided once all the Aes Sedai do it they will attack the Tower.


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: The Rebel Camp

Characters: Egwene, Chesa, Gawyn

Egwene is angry with Siuan for rescuing her. She realises she can't go back and with the Seanchan threat, she can't wait until the talks work to reunite the Tower. With an army of fifty thousand and the much smaller Tower Guard in disarray, she should have an easy victory. She thinks about Gawyn and how his flaws make him more real than Galad. He interrupts her, insisting they have to talk but she is too angry. He still sees her as a girl and she tells him he will have to accept her as Amyrlin as well if they can have a relationship. He realises she will attack the Tower and she tells him she will do what she must.

Jesse Bilal's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters Jesse Bilal, Adelorna Bastine, Ferane, Suana Dragand, Serancha Colvine

The Ajah heads meet to decide what to do, but bicker about who is to blame. They feel they did the logical thing in sending Sitters to the rebels to try and sway them, and in putting in young Aes Sedai as their replacements, but that it went unexpectedly wrong. The Sitters sent away began siding with the rebels and the replacements turned out to be spoiled brats who wouldn't listen to wiser or more experienced voices. They agree that their plans failed and they need a new Amyrlin, but that the Sitters in the Hall are refusing to vote for any woman who isn't of their Ajah. They agree to abandon Elaida, noting that even if they wanted to rescue her, the Hall wouldn't agree.

Jesse suggests Saerin, and Ferane suggests Seaine, who Suana dismisses because she claims in the current situation, a White is too emotionless. Serancha agrees and says it should be a Gray. Jesse stops the arguing by pointing out they are behaving no better than the Hall. Adelorna tells them she can think of a woman who would be supported and who has already been mentioned. Suana agrees that she has been mentioned, but she doesn't trust the motives of those that did. Jesse sides with Adelorna by telling them that Saerin is quite taken with the candidate. Suana and Serancha however are not convinced. Adelorna tells them that the reports they have heard of Egwene's exploits during the defense of the Tower are not exagerated as she was with her at the time, which impresses the Heads. She asks them if they can think of any better way to reconcile with the rebels, which persuades Suana. Serancha is the only hold out and tells them she won't agree to create another puppet. Ferane, Jesse and Adelorna all say that Egwene won't be bullied and will be an Amyrlin of strength. Serancha agrees.

Siuan's Point of View:

Setting: The Rebel Camp

Characters: Siuan, Bryne

Siuan waits as the meeting of the Hall is Sealed to the Flame. Speaking with Gareth Byrne, Siuan says that even if she lost Egwene's trust, it was worth it as the rebels were close to abandoning her. She says she doesn't regret bonding him. Gareth tells her that his second demand will be that she marries him, but he won't make it until she gives up trying to save the world and allows other people to do it.

Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: The Rebel Camp

Characters: Egwene, Sheriam, Kwamesa, Lelaine, Moria, Romanda

Kwamesa as the youngest Sitter weaves the ward against eavesdropping. Sheriam is injured and Egwene wonders why, annoyed that Siuan let her out of her sight. She pulls out the Oath Rod which she had obtained from Saerin and swears the Three Oaths. She tells them, without naming her, that Verin told her the Black Ajah exists. She swears that she is not a darkfriend and that some women in the Tower have been using it to identify the Black Ajah, and that she means to have all the women in the rebel camp remove their oaths then reswear the Three Oaths and prove they are not Black Ajah. Sheriam embraces the Source and Egwene Shields her. Egwene tricks her into making a false statement and tells her that she had been named as a leader amongst the Black Ajah.

Egwene tells the Hall that there are many others, including Sitters, at which Moria leaps to try and escape, but is quickly held in Air. Romanda agrees to go first and after she has proven herself, Lelaine follows. The others all prove themselves. She tells them she will call sisters by Ajah and seize those that try to escape. She tells them that once they have cleansed themselves, they will attack. Romanda puts forward a motion to follow Egwene's plan which is accepted unanimously.

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