The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 20

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: Crescent Moon and Stars

Point of View: Mat

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Mat, Selene, Siuan, Leane.


Mat is visited by Selene.


A beautiful lady dressed in white steps into Mat's room. Mat is sure he's seen her before but he can't quite remember where. She tells him she is no Aes Sedai and that he can call her Selene. She also tells him he can expect to be hungry after the way the Aes Sedai Healed him. According to Selene the Aes Sedai mean to use him. Mat is destined for glory, IF he is wise enough not to trust the Aes Sedai.

A thought comes to Mat now, he askes Selene if she is a Darkfriend. Selene seems amused by this and tells him she doesn't follow anyone. There is only one man she could stand beside, but not follow. Selene wants to use Mat for his own ends and admits it. The dagger made Mat too suspicious to deny it. Mat will have to choose to trust the Aes Sedai, who will not even admit that he is part of their plans, or Selene, who will use him but can offer him the glory and power he wants.

As an example Selene tells Mat that Tam al'Thor and Abell Cauthon have been in Tar Valon to look for their sons. She wonders if the Aes Sedai will tell him that. Mat is not very receptive to Selene's offer and she starts to lose her patience. Just as Selene loses her patience she seems to hear something in the corridor. She leaves quickly promising to return and tells Mat to consider his options carefully.

A few moments after Selene's departure the Amyrlin and the Keeper step into the room. They've come to see how he is doing. Mat assures them he's ready to be on his way. The Amyrlin knows better and the Keeper points out he can barely stand up. They tell him he needs a lot of food for days yet. Mat replies he is fine and not hungry at all. He really should be going. The Aes Sedai don't believe him and tell that if anything he should at least stay as a precaution. They can't be sure yet if they removed all the evil from Shadar Logoth from him. Besides, his description has been passed to the guard. He won't be able to leave Tar Valon.

To see if Selene was right Mat remarks his parents probably think he's dead. The Amyrlin offers to make sure a letter reaches them but won't say more. Only when Mat remarks he wouldn't put it past his father to come looking for him the Amyrlin tells him he and Tam al'Thor have indeed been to Tar Valon. Mat is getting very suspicious now and inquires after Rand. The Amyrlin seems to think this is a dangerous topic and asks the Keeper to get Mat some more food. The Amyrlin makes it clear some topics are too dangerous to talk about, even in the Tower. Rand is one, the Horn of Valere is another. She tells him he is tied to the Horn for as long as he lives. Only he can summon the heroes to fight for him. But it will work for the Dark as well. They will try to get the Horn through Mat but if they can't, killing him is an option as well. The Amyrlin means to make sure he is at Tarmon Gai'don to blow the Horn for Rand. With that message she leaves, leaving Mat to consider his options. He is stuck in Tar Valon for the time being it seems, but he's still determined to leave as soon as he gets a chance.


Common Themes

Men and Women
  • Mat wishes Rand or Perrin were there as he thinks they are better with women


  • What does Selene mean that Mat is important
  • Who does Selene think will try and kill Mat and why


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • What does Selene mean that Mat is important

He is mentioned in the prohpecies, though it seems unlikely she would know this. It may be that she just knows more about ta'veren and what it means when there are more than one

  • Who does Selene think will try and kill Mat and why

Probably Ishamael. It was already said that if one leg of a tripod is cut off, all fail

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