The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 36

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Daughter of the Night

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Points of view: Perrin, Rand


Perrin sees Ba'alzamon kill some Darkfriends for their failures.


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Aboard the Snow Goose

Characters: Perrin, Loial, Hopper, Ba'alzamon, Lanfear, Moiraine,

Perrin goes in search of his cabin. After trying a couple he finds the one he shares with Loial. Loial seems eager to talk about the day's events but Perrin is tired and goes to sleep quickly.

It is immediately apparent that it is no ordinary dream. A gray fog surrounds him and the wolf he knew as Hopper appears. Hopper bids him to follow, the wolf wants to show him something. After walking through the mist for a while they come upon a meeting of Darkfriends. The Darkfriends are summoned to Ba'alzamon in their sleep. Ba'alzamon kills one of them for 'letting the boy escape Tar Valon' and sends the rest on their way to carry out his orders.

After the Darkfriends leave a woman appears. Perrin witnesses a conversation between Ba'alzamon and Lanfear. Both of them seem convinced their plans to serve the Great Lord of the Dark will be successful and both think very little of the other. After exchanging some pleasantries Ba'alzamon and Lanfear go their own way and Hopper leads Perrin away. Perrin is confused by what he just saw. He has many questions for Hopper but one is most pressing of all: Was it real? Hopper seems to evade the question though. How Hopper came to be here when Perrin clearly felt him die is another question Perrin doesn't receive a clear answer to.

A moment later Perrin becomes aware of another scene. He sees Rand being hunted by Myrddraal and Darkfriends. Using the One Power Rand kills them all. Perrin sees more Shadowspawn approaching and he tries to warn Rand. He is rewarded with an attack with the One Power. Perrin wakes up in great pain.

Waiting for the pain to fade away Perrin notices a small burn on his chest. He decides it is time to go talk to Moiraine about his dreams. Moiraine tells him his dreams would be reason for the Red Ajah to try and gentle him. Moiraine doesn't think he will start using the One Power though. Or that he can even learn. She doesn't know what to make of the dreams though. It is nothing like what the Tar Valon records say about wolfdreams. He should be careful but beyond that Moiraine tells him little. She refuses to heal his burn. He should let it heal naturally and let it serve as a reminder. Perrin also asks about the name Zarine without telling Moiraine much about her. Moiraine explains the name to Perrin. Her mother apparently thought she would be a heartbreaker. Perrin goes on deck to think things over.

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: a forest in Murandy along the river Manetherendrelle

Characters: Rand

Rand wakes up from his dream fighting Darkfriends and realizes he has nearly killed Perrin. He will have to be more careful. He starts to rebuild the dying fire as a group of travellers arrive at his campsite. The lady in charge asks him if they can share his campsite. Rand agrees and holds himself ready as they get closer. Then he kills all ten of them with his blade made from saidin. Almost as an afterthought he lifts the corpses and makes them kneel to him. To his surprise there are eleven. He tells the eleventh man, without armor, still holding his dagger, that he chose the wrong company. Then he captures one of the horses and rides for Tear. Callandor is calling him.


Common Themes

Overconfidence in their own knowledge/Acting on poor information
  • Even after seeing Lanfear and Ba'alzamon argue, Perrin thinks this is strange, but doesn't question Ba'alzamon's identity

Character Development

  • Perrin is happy to be on a boat because it moves so quickly that the wolves can't keep up


  • How does Rand know the woman and her companion are darkfriends?

He counts an extra, presumably a Gray man, so is likely right, but what told him?

  • Were there really just three men found by the Red Ajah in the past ten years?

If so, it seems there are more women who can channel than men


  • Myrdraal and Grey Men do not dream, but Trollocs do
  • Hopper tells Perrin that all is real in the wolf dream


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • Perrin sees Myrddraal attack Rand. However, Myrddraal don't dream and can't go through gateways to actually enter Tel'aran'rhiod, so what was Perrin seeing?


  • Zarine – someone expected to be a great heartbreaker and lie on cushions. This does not seem like a name Deira Bashere would give her daughter

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