The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 4

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Author: Val a'Shain

Wolf Chapter Icon.png

Shadows Sleeping

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Perrin's dreams

Characters: Perrin


Perrin visists Tel'aran'rhiod but is disturbed by a trolloc attack.


A dreaming Perrin finds himself in a common room of an inn. The details of the inn change. A man sitting at a table asks Perrin if he is ready to give it up. Perrin doesn't understand at first but the man means his axe. Perrin tells him he will but not yet. There is something dark about the man Perrin doesn't really trust. He talks about getting away from fate. He offers Perrin a drink that will help him see things more clearly. Perrin refuses and leaves the inn. As he leaves the man tells him he won't get many chances. Three threads are woven together, if one is cut all fall.

Perrin feels a great heat from the room briefly. He turns around but the room is empty. Staring into a mirror he sees himself as a warrior now. In fine armour but with the plain axe at his side. Part of him accepts this image and another refuses it. He puts the image out of his mind firmly. As he does so a woman's voice tells him he is destined for glory. He turns around and looks at the woman. She is so beautiful she makes all other women look clumsy by comparison. The woman talks to him about how he should reach out and grasp his destiny. Perrin tells her he just wants to be a blacksmith. She too offers him a drink but again he refuses. The woman leaves but promises she will always be in his dreams.

The scene changes and Perrin is dressed in plainer clothes this time. He finds himself on a stone bridge connecting two stone spires. In the distance he sees a woman in a white dress hurrying somewhere. A bit later he witnesses a meeting of three men. One of them tickles his memory but he can't quite remember where he saw him before... somewhere in an inn? The three start arguing and suddenly a huge ball of fire envelops them. Perrin ducks for cover and feels the heat of the blast. When he looks back up the whole bridge the men had been standing on has disappeared.

Perrin tells himself it is only a dream and again the scene changes. He finds himself in an open space surrounded by huge columns of Redstone. In the open space he sees a crystal sword. Perrin knows it is somehow important. Callandor. He doesn't know where that name came from but that is what the sword is called. Perrin remembers now he's had this dream before. At that moment the wolves finally manage to contact him. Perrin wakes up with a start. The wolves' massage is short. The Twisted ones come!


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What does the man ask Perrin if he will give up the axe?

He is probably referring to the prophecy of the Wolf King giving up the axe for the hammer.

Who are the people Perrin sees?

Probably the Forsaken. Specifically Rahvin, Be'lal and Ishamael.

What is Callandor?

A male sa'angreal in the form of a crystal sword, linked to the Dragon Reborn.

Why does Callandor whisper to Perrin?
Why does Ishamael want Perrin to drink? Why does Lanfear?


  • Ishamael tells Perrin that "when one is cut, all are", so why doesn't he just kill Perrin to defeat Rand?
  • Perrin thinks Lanfear is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.
  • Perrin thought Rahvin and Be'lal feared Ishamael.
  • Perrin encounters a wolf. Is this Hopper?

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