The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 41

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A Hunter's Oath

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Illian

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Moiraine, Lan, Loial


The group get off in Illian. Moiraine realizes Faile is the falcon Min saw.


The Snow Goose is sailing into the port of Illian. Perrin is on deck looking at the city, its islands, canals and tanneries. He isn't really interested in the view though. He is merely trying to avoid the scene that is developing behind him. Faile, no her name is Zarine, and Moiraine are on deck as well and the tension between the two is apparent to everybody on board. The crew walks lightly around them. Lan is observing the whole scene with a slight smile on his face though Perrin can't say what he finds so amusing. He feels somewhat responsible for the situation though. Faile and he got in a shouting match a few days earlier in which one of them let it slip Moiraine was an Aes Sedai. Since then the trip became distinctly unpleasant. Loial won't even come out on deck when Faile and Moiraine are there. Perrin doesn't understand how he does it in the heat of Illian. The only good thing about Illian so far is that there are no wolves.

The ship docks and the captain, who can't wait to be rid of them, has the horses on shore in no time. He even caught Loial by surprise. The Ogier comes hurrying of the ship still trying to get his coat on. Moiraine now tells Faile it is time to say goodbye. Faile refuses to leave them though. She is still convinced they will lead her to the Horn. She says nothing Moiraine or Lan are willing to do will stop her from going with them. Moiraine now gives up trying to make Faile leave. Instead she demands that Faile swears on her Hunter's Oath to do as Moiraine says, not to leave them, do nothing to endanger the company and not to ask questions. Faile takes that Oath.

Moiraine tells Perrin he has found Min's falcon and that despite Moiraine's best efforts she seems determined to perch on his shoulder​. A ta'veren at work. She is his responsibility now. Faile and Perrin protest loudly. Faile says she is nobody's responsibility and Perrin says he didn't ask her to come. Protests are useless with Moiraine though. Faile wants to know who Min is and if he is indeed a ta'veren. He refuses to answer her but instead hoists her on the back of his horse. He reminds her again his name is Perrin, not blacksmith or whatever else she has called him. She reminds him to call her Faile.


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  • He doesn't really like Illian, but is pleased that there are no wolves
  • Perrin learns that Faile is his falcon and is not pleased by this

Visions and Prophecy

Fulfiled Prophecies
  • Faile is the Falcon Min saw and the one Egwene Dreamed about


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