The Eye of the World

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For the episode in the television series, see Season 1 Episode 8: The Eye of the World.
The Eye of the World
Author Robert Jordan
Cover Artist Darrell K. Sweet
Series The Wheel of Time (#1)
Publication Date 15 January 1990
Pages 782 (U.S. Hardback edition)
ISBN-13 978-0312850098
Preceded by New Spring
Followed by The Great Hunt

The Eye of the World is the name of the first book in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series. The book was first published on January 15, 1990 by Tor Books (U.S.) and it consisted by a Prologue and 53 Chapters in total. Since then the book has been re-released several times in English and has been translated into at least 20 languages.

In January of 2002, The Eye of the World had a young adult release with bigger font text and including images. It was released as two separate novels called "From the Two Rivers" and "To The Blight", the former of which also included an additional prologue called "Ravens".

The unabridged audiobook published by Audio Renaissance and read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, is 29 hours and 57 minutes long.


A group of simple village folk, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, and Nynaeve are forced to leave their village when Shadowspawn attack. Read a brief plot summary here: Brief Plot Summary.

The plot of the book can be split in four main parts - In Emond's Field, Leaving Emond's Field, Splitting up and Reuniting. To read a more detailed plot summary of the Eye of the World, read Longer Plot Summary.

Chapter Summaries

The volunteers at TarValon.Net have written very extensive summaries of each chapter in the book. Feel free to go through them here:


For a list of all the characters that appear in the Eye of the World, check:


For a timeline of the events in this book, see The Eye of the World Timeline.

Other Issues

  • The Bulgarian version was first issued in 1998 by BARD publishing house (ИК "БАРД"), translated by Valerii Russinov (Валерий Русинов). There is no audiobook in Bulgarian.
  • The Norwegian issue was first published in 1996 by Tiden Norsk Forlag AS and it was translated by Olaf Havnes.

Titles in Other Languages

  • Bulgarian - Okoto na sveta - Окото на света
  • German - Das Auge der Welt
  • Norwegian (issued in single volume): Verdens Øye
  • Norwegian (issued in two volumes):
    • Flukten fra Emondsmark (The Flight from Emond's Field)
    • Stormens Øye (The Eye of the Storm)
  • Serbian - Zenica sveta
  • Swedish (issued in two volumes):
    • Farornas väg (The Road of Dangers)
    • Tidens hjul (The Wheel of Time)

Book Covers

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