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List of all characters that either appear in, or are mentioned in, The Eye of the World. As the Eye of the World is the first book in the main sequence, all characters are considered to be on their first appearance or mention, even characters that appear or are mentioned in New Spring

Characters that Appear

Abell Cauthon: A farmer from Emond's Field, Mat's father

Adan al'Caar: A boy from Emond's field. Mat played a trick on him.

Agelmar Jagad. A Shienaran Lord. Lord of Fal Dara

Aginor: One of the Forsaken. Held close to the Bore, he and Balthamel were the first to escape and showed physical effects of the passage of time. He killed himself drawing too much saidin from the Eye of the World.

al'Lan Mandragoran: Moiraine's Warder and uncrowned king of Malkier. Much to his surprise, he falls in love with Nynaeve.

Alpert Mull: An Andoran farmer who gives Mat and Perrin a ride while on the Caemlyn Road

Alsbet Luhhan: Haral Luhhan's wife, who is almost as strong as he is,

Almen Bunt: An Andoran farmer, who takes Mat and Rand to Caemlyn

Ara: A man who works at the Stag and Lion in Baerlon.

Aram: One of the Tua'athon, a good looking boy who sometimes struggles with the Way of the Leaf.

Arin: A man in the Baerlon watch

Avin: A gate guard in Baerlon

Ba'alzamon: A man who some believe to be the Dark One, but was in actuality Elan Morin Tedronai

Balthamel: One of the forsaken, trapped for three and a half thousand years in the bore, where he slowly aged and killed by the Green man shortly after his release.

Bartim: The innkeeper of The Wayfarers' Rest in Whitebridge.

Basel Gill: The innkeeper of the Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn and a long time friend of Thom

Bayle Domon: An Illianer smuggler who encounters Mat, Rand and Thom outside Shadar Logoth.

Bili Congar: An old man from Emond's Field who once brought bad luck on himself by naming the Dark One.

Brandelwyn al'Vere. The mayor of Emond's Field and Innkeeper of The Winespring Inn

Burn: A wolf companion of Elyas Machera who has an unusually strong hatred of trollocs

Cenn Buie: A cantekerous old man in Emond's Field

Ciel: A girl from Baerlon who works at the Stag and Lion inn

Cinda: A woman from Baerlon who works at the Stag and Lion inn

Cilia Cole: A girl from Emond's Field, a couple of years older than Egwene

Corin Ayellin: A woman from Emond's Field known as an excellent cook

Dag Coplin: A boy from Emond's Field.

Dain Bornhald: A young Whitecloak officer who encounters Rand and Mat in Baerlon

Daise Congar: A large and ill tempered woman from Emond's Field.

Dapple: A wolf companion of Elyas

Dar: A watchman in Baerlon

Darl Coplin: A troublemaker from the Two Rivers

Dav Ayellin: A young farmer from Emond's Field

Egwene al'Vere: A young woman who leaves Emond's Field in the hope of becoming Aes Sedai

Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan: An Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah who is Queen Morgase's advisor

Elam Dowtry: A young man from Emond's Field, of an age with Rand, Mat and Perrin.

Elayne Trakand: The daughter heir of Andor who meets Rand when he falls into the Royal Palace gardens

Elmindreda Farshaw: A young woman with the ability to see and occasionally interpret images that she sometimes sees floating above people

Else Grinwell: A farmer's daughter met on the way to Caemlyn

Elyas Machera: A man with the ability to talk to woves. He was once a Warder who now lives by himself with just wolves for company

Ewal Coplin: A man from Emond's Field

Eward Candwin: A man from Emond's Field, wounded during the trolloc attack

Eward Congar: A man from Emond's Field who is very full of himself.

Ewin Finngar: A boy from Emond's Field who tells Rand of strangers in the village.

Floran Gelb: A man working on Bayle Domon's ship, who is left at Whitebridge for his incompetence and laziness.

Galadedrid Damodred: An Andoran noble, half brother of Elayne and Galad

Gareth Bryne. The commander of the Andoran armed forces and advisor and lover of Morgase

Gawyn Trakand: Prince of Andor and Elayne's older brother

Geofram Bornhald: A Lord Captain in the Whitecloaks who encounters Perrin and intended to take him to Amador for Trial

Gilda: A serving maid in the Queen;s Blessing in Caemlyn

Halan: An Ogier, the father of Arent and the grandfather of Loial.

Haral Luhhan: The blacksmith of Emonds' Field and a member of the village council

Hari Coplin: A sour faced trouble maker from the Two Rivers

Heran Adan: The governor of Baerlon in Andor

Hopper: A wolf that Perrin meets who is killed attacking Whitecloaks

Howal Gode: A Darkfriend merchant who approached Rand and Mat in Four Kings. He is apparently killed for his failure to apprehend them

Hu Barran: A stableman at The Winespring Inn in Emond's Field.

Hyam Kinch: An old Andoran farmer who gives Rand and Mat a ride from Four Kings

Ila: A Tuatha'an woman, wife of Raen and grandmother of Aram

Ingtar Shinowa: A Shienaran noble serving under Lord Agalmar in Fal Dara

Ishamael: One of the forsaken

Jak: A bouncer at the Dancing Cartman in Andor

Jaret Byar: A fervent Whitecloak who offers to help Perrin escape in the hope that he can kill him while he does

Jon Thane: The miller in Emond's Field who serves on the Village Council

Kari Thane: A young girl from Emonds' Field in Andor

Kenley Ahan: A boy from the Two Rivers in Andor, a little older than Egwene

Lamgwin Dorn: A bouncer at the Queen's Blessing in Caemlyn who is loyal to Morgase

Lara Ayellan: A young girl from Emonds' Field in Andor

Lem Thane A boy from Emond's Field, eight months older than Rand

Lews Therin Telamon: A leader in the Age of Legends who went mad, killing his family when he re-sealed the Dark One. He is prophecied to be reborn to fight the Dark One again

Logain Ablar: A false Dragon from Ghealdan, on the way to Tar Valon to be gentled00

Loial: An Ogier man, out to see the world, though by Ogier standards he is too young to do so.

Mari: A woman from Baerlon who works at the Stag and Lion

Marin al'Vere: A woman from Emond's Field in Andor. Wife of Bran and mother of Egwene

Martyn Tallanvor: A guardsman in the Royal Palace in Andor, who brings Rand and Elayne in front of Morgase

Master al'Dai: An old man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers

Master Cole: An old man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers

Master Fitch: The innkeeper at the Stag and Lion in Baerlon.

Master Grinwell: A farmer from Andor, whom Rand and Mat stay with on their way to Caemlyn

Master Hightower: A ferryman who takes Rand and company over the Taren

Master Inlow: A man from a village in Andor

Matrim Cauthon: A young man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers who is forced to flee when trollocs attack. He is apparently ta'veren

Mili Skane: An Andoran Darkfriend who encounters Mat and Perrin

Mistress al'Donel: An old woman from Emond's Field

Mistress Calder: A woman from Emond's Field who takes people in after the trollocs attack

Mistress Grinwell: A housewife in a village between Whitebridge and Arien in Andor. Rand and Mat stay a night at her farmhouse

Moiraine Damodred: An Aes Sedai who arrives in Emond's Field searching for the Dragon Reborn just before trollocs attack

Mordeth: A man who came to the city of Aridhol during the Trolloc Wars and brought about its corruption. He remained there in some form ever since

Morgase Trakand: The queen of Andor

Mother Brune: A midwife and herbalist from one of the villages in andor that Rand and Mat pass through

Mother Grubb: A herbalist and midwife in Caemlyn

Mutch: A stableman in Baerlon at the Stag and Lion in Caemlyn

Narg: A trolloc who speaks to Rand

Natti Cauthon: Mat's mother

Nynaeve al'Meara The wisdom of Emonds Field who follows the boys and Egwene out of the village and learns she can channel

Old Bain: A farmer from Andor

Oren Dautry: A man from Emond's Field, Rand and Tam's closest neighbour

Padan Fain A peddler who is revealed to be a Darkfriend

Paet al'Caar: A man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers who joins the mob protesting Moiraine

Paitr Conel: A Darkfriend from Market Sheran in Andor

Perrin Aybara: An apprentice Blacksmith from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers who is forced to flee when Trolloc attacks. He is apparently ta'veren and discovers he can talk to wolves

Raen: The leader of a band of Tuatha'an. He is Aram's grandfather

Ragan: A young Shienaran officer

Raimun Holdwin: The inkeeper of the Goose and Crown and Andor and a Darkfriend

Ramey: A stableman at the Queen's Blessing in Andor

Rand al'Thor: A young man, raised in The Two Rivers but born outside who learns the Dark One wants him. He discovers he can channel

Rowan Hurn: A man on the Village Council in Emmond's Field

Rulan Allwine: The Inkeeper in Market Sheran in Andor

Samel Crawe A man from Emond's Field in Andor who sits on the Village Council

Saml Hake An innkeeper who tries to rob Mat and Rand

Sara: The cook in The Stag and Lion inn in Baerlon.

Someshta: The Green Man, an artificial creature, alive since the Age of Legends who guarded the Eye of the World. Killed by Balthamel, who he killed in turn.

Strom: A bouncer in The Dancing Cartman inn in Four Kings, Andor.

Tad Barran: A stableman at the Winespring Inn in Emond's Field

Tam al'Thor A man from the Two Rivers who left the region years ago to seek adventure and returned with a wife and son

Thomdril Merrilin A gleeman who had previously been a lover of Morgase. He accompanies the group out of the Two Rivers because of his nephew and is separated from them fighting a myrddraal.

Wil al'Caar: A boy from Emond's Field, the son of Paet al'Caar; Moiraine heals his broken leg after Trollocs attack the village.

Wind: A wolf companion of Elyas

Wit Congar: A man from Emond's Field, married to Daise

Characters that are Mentioned

Adora Aybara: A girl from the Two Rivers, the oldest of Perrin's sisters.

Aemon al Caar al Thorin: A king of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars. He was married to Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan.

al'Akir Mandragoran: Lan's father and the last king of Malkier

Ackley Farren: A man from Market Sheran in Andor who got drunk and spent the night on the roof of the Inn

Alar: An Ogier, eldest of the Elders of Stedding Tsofu

Alene al'Vere: One of Egwene's sisters

Arent: An Ogier, Loial's father

Artur Paendrag Tanreall: A king over a thousand years ago who set up an empire that covered all the Westlands. On his death, it fell apart as many factions tried to control all or part of it and in the resulting chaos, much was lost.

Balwen Mayel: The last king of Aridhol during the Trolloc Wars

Bandry Crawe: A boy from Emond's Field, ten months older than Rand

Berin Thane: A man from Emond's Field. His house is burned in the trolloc attack

Berowyn al'Vere: A young woman from Emond's Field, Egwene's eldest sister

Blaes of Matuchin: A legendary hunter of the horn.

Breyan: A Malkieri noblewoman and Lan's aunt whose conspiring against al'akir lead to the fall of Malkier

Buad of Albhain: A fabled hunter of the horn.

Caar al'Thorin al'Toren: A Manetheren noble at the time of the Trolloc Wars, son of one king and father of another

Con Aybara: A man from Emond's Field, Perrin's father.

Cowin Gemallan: One of the lords of Malkier and a Darkfriend

Davian: A historical False Dragon

Deselle Aybara: A girl from the Two Rivers, the youngest of Perrin's sisters

Doral Barran: The Wisdom of Emond's Field before Nynaeve

Easar Togita: The king of Shienar

Eazil Forney: An Andoran farmer who gives Mat and Rand a ride to Four Kings

Eldrene ay Ellan ay Carlan: The last queen of Manetheren and an Aes Sedai

el'Leanna Mandragoran: Lan's mother and the last Queen of Malkier

Elisa al'Vere: One of Egwene's sisters

Guaire Amalasan: A famed False Dragon

Haman: An elder from Stedding Stangtai and one of Loial's teachers

Ilyena Therin Moerelle: Lews Therin's wife, killed by him in his madness

Isam: Lan's cousin, of an age with him and lost in the Blight when Malkier fell

Jain Charin: A writer and hero from Malkier, known as Jain Fairstrider

Joslyn Aybara: A woman from the Two Rivers and Perrin's mother

Lain Mandragoran: Lan's uncle, killed on an expedition to the Blight

Laman Damodred: The king of Cairhien during the Aiel War

Lini Eltring: Queen Morgase's nurse

Loise al'Vere: One of Egwene's sisters

Master Aydaer

Mavra Mallen: A woman from Devon Ride who comes up to see to Emond's Field in Nynaeve's absence.

Mistress Ayellin: A woman from Emond' Field in the Two Rivers

Owyn Merrilin: Thom's nephew, who was gentled by the Red Ajah and died young, despite Thom doing all he could to save him.

Paetram Aybara: A boy from Emonds Field in the Two Rivers, Perrin's brother

Raolin Darksbane: A historical False Dragon

Rhea: One of the Hunters of the Horn.

Rogosh Eagle-Eye: A Hunter of the Horn

Sheriam Bayanar: An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, known to Moiraine

Taringail Damodred: Father of Elayne, Gawyn and Galad and husband to Morgase and before that Tigraine. He is deceased

Thorin al Toren al Ban: A king of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars

Tigraine Mantear: Former daughter heir of Andor who vanished sometime before the Aiel War.

Wil al'Seen A good looking boy from the Two Rivers

Yurian Stonebow: A historical False Dragon