The Eye of the World: Chapter 23

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Wilderness

Characters: Perrin, Egwene, Elyas


Perrin and Egwene encounter Elyas, who talks to wolves and says Perrin can do the same


Perrin and Egwene set out for Caemlyn switching turns riding Bela and each stubbornly arguing about whose turn it always is.

At the end of the first day, they stop for camp. Perrin goes to hunt rabbit and upon bringing one back startles Egwene who is trying to start a fire with the One Power. Perrin asks her not to use the One Power and she refuses asking him if he'd give up his axe or walk around with one hand tied behind his back.

One afternoon they find Queens Crown mushrooms and begin laughing and telling stories they remember of Emond's Field.

They smell smoke of a cook fire and Perrin goes to see what it is, telling Egwene to wait where she is. Perrin goes off and peering around a tree discovers a lean sun browned man resting near the fire. His clothes made of furs. The man peeks an eye open and invites Perrin and his friend over for something to eat. Perrin calls for Egwene and introduces himself to the man. The man then introduces himself as Elyas Machera. Perrin gasps when he notices Elyas eyes were as yellow as polished gold.

Egwene shows up and Perrin introduces her while she eyes the cooked rabbits Elyas has over the fire. They eat and Elyas asks them what they're doing out in the wilderness. Egwene answers that they're headed for Caemlyn and Elyas laughs, telling them they'll pass a hundred miles north of it going the way they were.

Egwene asks Elyas if he would show them the way and he responds saying that he doesn't like people much and that cities are full of them. He says he doesn't go near villages or farms much, that people don't like his friends. Egwene wants to know which way to go then Elyas tells them to be quiet, that his friends are coming.

Four wolves appear and lay down by the fire. Perrin notices more wolf eyes in the darkness around them, he reaches for his axe and Elyas tells him not to do that. Perrin leaves the axe alone.

Elyas named the four wolves by the fire; Dapple, Hopper, Burn and Wind. Perrin wondered how Elyas could talk to them. Elyas says that the wolves are the ones that discover the people not the people them. Elyas tells them that the wolves approached where ever he went. And then they seemed to know what he was thinking and responded to him. He says that wolves and men have not hunted together for a very long time.

Egwene finds it interesting and wants to know if speaking to the wolves can be taught. Elyas says that it can't be taught, but that Perrin can do it. Perrin shifts uncomfortably.

Elyas still wants to know what they're doing out there and Egwene tells him a story her and Perrin had worked on in case they ever meet anyone. Elyas tells them that they're lying. That the wolves told him so. Perrin then tells Elyas the truth. When Perrin finishes his tale, Elyas says that he doesn't hold well with Aes Sedai, that the Red Ajah wanted to gentle him. And that no Aes Sedai would take kindly to him after he killed a couple Warders. Elyas says it's bad business to kill Warders and that he doesn't like it. Elyas goes on to say that talking to wolves is older than Aes Sedai and doesn't have to do with the One Power.

Elyas offers to Perrin and Egwene to stay with him and the wolves, that it'd be safer for them. Egwene says that they're going to Caemlyn then Tar Valon and Perrin agrees after a sarcastic conversation with himself. Elyas says he and the pack will travel with them, that Dapple says so and she leads the pack. Burn is angry about it and stalks off.

Perrin sits silently; he can feel the wolves and feel Burn's hatred.


Character Development

  • Egwene makes Perrin ride
  • Egwene has been channneling
  • She defers to Perrin over whether to tell Elyas the truth
  • Perrin has heard of the flame and the void from Rand and Lan but can’t do it
  • Perrin knows Maradon is the capital of Saldaea. He didn’t know it had a queen. Previously, he hadn't even known about Saldaea
  • Perrin is not a natural liar, Egwene says she can tell when he lies.
  • Perrin denies the wolf thing


How did Burn get a Trolloc wound?
Did Elyas meet the Amyrlin? Which one
How were the wolves able to smell Trollocs and Myrddraal when Perrin tells his story


  • They come across an abandoned village and stone tower


First Mention

Elyas, Burn, Wind

First Appearance

Elyas, Burn, Wind



squirrel, bantam rooster, oak, goat


Queen's cap mushrooms


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Did Elyas meet the Amyrlin? Which one

We see in New Spring that he was a warder during the Aiel War, so it could be any of three


Perrin's reaction to Egwene channeling is irrational, but he's actually correct - she really shouldn't be trying on her own.

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