The Eye of the World: Chapter 37

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Author: Val a'Shain

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The Long Chase

Chapter Icon: Sunburst

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: A Whitecloak camp somewhere in Andor north of the Caemlyn Road

Characters: Nynaeve, Moiraine, Lan, Bela


Moiraine and Lan rescue Egwene and Perrin.


Nynaeve, Moiraine and Lan travel towards Caemlyn in search of the boy who still has the coin Moiraine gave him. At a certain point Moiraine halts. She senses that the boy has lost his coin. Before they leave again in the morning the coin has been returned so Moiraine can track him again. She leads them north away from the Caemlyn Road.

Soon after that they find a Whitecloak's camp where the boy is held. Moiraine decides to free him, and Lan asks Nynaeve to help them. Still upset about the way Moiraine treats her, she agrees reluctantly. Her task will be to cut the picket-ropes so that the Whitecloak's horses will scatter when Moiraine creates a diversion. Lan warns her about the wolves he has seen around before she goes.

The horses are only guarded by two Children of the Light, so it is not hard for Nynaeve to cut the picket ropes. When she arrives at the last group of horses, she recognizes Bela and realizes Egwene is in the camp as well. She decides to take Bela and one of the other horses she is with and unties Bela's lead rig. Moments later Moiraine starts her diversion. Lightning comes crashing down, and the horses flee in all directions. Nynaeve is stunned when she sees wolves chasing the scared horses away but is too busy getting away from the camp to pay much attention to them.


Character Development

  • When they head north off the road, Lan frequently looks back and encourages Nynaeve, but Moiraine focusses on the way ahead and ignores her
  • Nynaeve still dislikes Moiraine, but is beginning to believe her
  • She expects Lan to comment on how easily he snuck up on her
  • She is confident Lan could walk into a Whitecloak camp to free Perrin
  • She is annoyed when she doesn't hear him leave
  • She tells herself she is not in competition with Lan, but doesn't fully believe it
  • When cutting the horse lines, she imagines Lan looking at her if she doesn't do all of them, and even though she thinks he would understand and accept, doesn't like the idea he might think less of her
  • She knows some of them will die if she doesn't take Bela and is afraid of how she knows

This seems to be some sort of development of her Talent of Listening to the Wind, but she hasn't been using the One Power, so why are her abilities changing?


How does Moiraine know Perrin loses and regains his coin?

Was this when he entered and left the stedding or when the Whitecloaks took and returned his belongings?

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