The Eye of the World: Chapter 48

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Author: Val a'Shain

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The Blight

Chapter Icon: A Blighted Tree

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Shienar, the Blight

Characters: Rand, Mat, Loial, Moiraine, Lan, Perrin, Nynaeve, Egwene, Ingtar


They head into the Blight. Lan and Nynaeve declare their love, but Lan says it can never be.


Early in the morning the party leaves for the border and the Blight accompanied by a hundred lances led by Ingtar. Through another gate Lord Agelmar leads the rest of the lances towards Tarwin's Gap. The citizens of Fal Dara are leaving for Fal Moran, the capital of Shienar, through yet another gate. At the border their escort leaves them. Intgar will try to reach Tarwin's Gap in time to join the fighting. He dislikes the fact he may come too late.

The party crosses into what was once Malkier. The landscape gradually changes until it is corrupted beyond recognition. The cold spring of Shienar is replaced by a damp heat. The Blight has its effect on the company. Especially Loial seems upset. Lan and Perrin are relatively untouched by the Blight. Lan sets a hard pace and warns them not to touch anything. There are many things in the Blight that can kill.

Lan's intention was to reach the passes across the Mountains of Dhoom before nightfall but they won't make it. Moiraine suggests a camping site where she and Lan stopped before. Moiraine sets wards to warn them if any creature of the Dark One comes too close. Despite this Rand can't sleep. He lies awake and overhears a conversation between Nynaeve and Lan. Nynaeve wants Lan to marry her but Lan refuses, despite his love for the Wisdom. He tells her he will not make Nynaeve a widow. Lan leaves to check on the horses and Rand closes his eyes so as not to see Nynaeve cry.


Character Development

  • Egwene asks if Rand would like to be her Warder
  • She has already noticed that Nynaeve is interested in Lan
  • Nynaeve won't admit feeling the heat until Moiraine does
  • Nynaeve tells Egwene she is thinking about going to Tar Valon
  • Nynaeve tells Lan she should have known he was a king
  • Nynaeve virtually tells Lan she wants to marry him. He tells her how much he feels, but that he has his war to fight
  • Perrin is the least affected other than Lan
  • Rand thinks a man could drown in Egwene's eyes
  • When Egwene asks Rand if he would like to be her Warder, he thinks of Min's viewing "She's not for you, or you for her, at least not in the way you both want" and thinks it not possible. Of course, if he had thought a bit more, he'd probably have thought husband/wife was not possible, but Warder was
  • He notices Nynaeve's response to Lan's story


What was significant about the campsite they chose?
Are the Dark One's powers really weakest in full daylight at noon, or is this a misconception?
What was Moiraine's first visit to the Green man for?


  • Rand sees the remains of the Seven Towers
  • Nynaeve and Rand both feel the wrongness of the Blight, Egwene does not, though she has been channeling as long as Rand.


First Mention




A stick


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Are the Dark One's powers really weakest in full daylight at noon, or is this a misconception?

We don't see anything else about this in the series

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