The Eye of the World: Chapter 50

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Author: Val a'Shain

Three Leaves Chapter Icon.png

Meetings at the Eye

Chapter Icon: Three Leaves on a Branch

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Blight

Characters: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Moiraine, Lan, Nynaeve, Egwene, Loial, the Green Man, Aginor, Balthamel.


Balthamel and Aginor appear. The Green man kills Balthamel but is killed himself.


As the Green Man leads them to the Eye he tells them of how it was created during the time of madness, how a hundred Aes Sedai, men and women, died in creating this essential part of the Dark One's prison. Once they arrive at the Eye the Green Man, who now feels his end approaching, leaves them to do what they came for. As the company steps in they find what could be described as the essence of saidin, untainted by the Dark One. Rand backs away as far as he can, saidin is making his skin crawl. Moiraine can't tell them why the Aes Sedai created it. Nynaeve wants to know why Moiraine took them there. As the company steps outside Moiraine explains the ta'veren will have to face the Dark One's power here.

Outside two men come up to them. They look old beyond belief and one of them doesn't seem to be able to speak. The other man tells them Mat guided them to the company and that they now found what they came for. Lan wants to know who they are and the man that does speak introduces the couple as Aginor and Balthamel. Two of the Forsaken. Lan hesitates one moment, torn between protecting his Aes Sedai and Nynaeve. Then he attacks Aginor who fends him of with contemptuous ease. Nynaeve tries to attack Aginor as well but Balthamel steps in and stops her. Rand quickly tackles Egwene before she too is caught by the two Forsaken.

Aginor now tells Rand that he should get used to being on his knees before the Forsaken. At that moment the Green Man returns, he is outraged by what he finds and demands the Forsaken to leave. Aginor tells him to live out the rest of his days and be glad he is not worthy of their attention. The Green Man attacks and kills Balthamel and dies in the process.

Moiraine now tries to attack Aginor with the One Power and tells the rest of the company to run. The flee in all directions. Rand and Egwene run last. Moiraine's screams pursue them as the try to get away.


Character Development

  • Egwene blushes and lowers her eyes when Rand smiles back at her
  • She tries to attack the Forsaken and is not pleased when Rand stops her
  • She tries to use the Power against Aginor
  • Lan hesitates between Moiraine and Nynaeve
  • Nynaeve tries to attack the Forsaken

Rand is the only one not to try and pointlessly attack the Forsaken


Why does the Green man give Rand an odd look when he mentions the Tree of Life

The observant reader will probably realise it is because he thinks Rand is an Aiel and the Aiel have one

Why has he not rested under Avendesora in 2000 years?

This links it to the Trolloc Wars. Was the Green man out of the Blight in that time, did he have his own, or is his memory faulty?

How did 100 men and women make the eye?
How do the forsaken know Mat's dagger?

Moiraine said a truly dedicated Darkfriend would be able to sense it, but they claim it is both an old friend and an old enemy


The Green man and the Tree of Life are linked

Even in the Age of Legends, they were not particularly associated, the link must have developed since.


  • The ancient Aes Sedai symbol, which Rand recognizes. How is not clear
  • Aginor says "Like Ishamael, we walk the world again"





Wildrose, Yellowbell, Morningstar, Hazel, Sweetberry, Oak


Deathshead mushroom

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