The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 10

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Figs and Mice

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Points of View: Elayne, Narrator


Point of View: Elayne

Setting: Mardecin, Amadicia

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom, Juilin, Ronde Macura, Luci


When Elayne regains consciousness she looks at a frightened Luci. Macura puts her at ease though. Elayne can't channel or move and will remain that way for a while longer. These women had to be Darkfriends. Elayne tries to find saidar but it is pointless. Macura leaves to send messages and make arrangements to send them off. She leaves instructions to give Elayne and Nynaeve another dose in an hour. Just as Elayne is regaining some of her motor skills Luci gives her another dose and she loses consciousness again. When she wakes up her ability to move comes back slowly again. Then the door crashes open and Thom is in the doorway demanding to know what Luci gave them.

Nynaeve tells him it was Macura. Ronde Macura is brought in a bit later by Juilin. He found her when she was trying to get into the house the back way. It is time for interrogation now. Nynaeve makes it clear to Macura that Juilin knows ways to make people talk. Juilin plays his part well and starts talking about ropes and things he may will need to interrogate them. Ronde Macura decides to talk. She gave them the real message. The reason she drugged them though was because of a description of Elayne was passed with instructions to send her back to the White Tower. Why would Siuan Sanche want her back in Tar Valon after she send them away herself?

The only name they can wring out of the woman is Narenwin Barda. A Yellow Elayne has seen but doesn't know very well. She hardly seems the type to be Black Ajah. Macura swears she serves the Yellows, not the Black Ajah. Convinced there is nothing more to learn they tie the two of them up and go downstairs.

Elayne asks Juilin what he intended to do with the things he said he needed to make them talk. Juilin says he has no idea. He just let their imagination do the work. He tells them he made a man crack once by sending for figs and mice. Elayne doesn't want to think about what those would be used for.

Nynaeve surprises Elayne by thanking Thom and Juilin. It must be like pulling a tooth for Nynaeve to admit she needed someone's help. Nynaeve looks through the herbs Ronde Macura keeps and finds something that will dye Elayne's hair black. Nynaeve also takes the tea, forkroot Macura called it, that prevents a woman from channeling. They decide to give up their disguise as merchants and purchase the coach they spotted in the village earlier to travel as a lady with her retainers.

Narrator's Point of View

Setting: Mardecin, Amadicia

Characters: Therin Lugay, Avi Shendar

A Lady passing though the town causes some excitement. Before even the Whitecloaks can find out more the coach is gone again. Later Macura and her maid are found tied up in her house dosed with some kind of tea. It takes them a long time to wake up. After she wakes up Ronde Macura goes up to Avi Shendar's house to send more pigeons. She doesn't notice Avi copying the message and send it to a contact of his own though.

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