The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 8

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Over the Border

Chapter Icon: Sunburst

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Taraboner countryside near the Amadician border.

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom, Juilin, a group of Whitecloaks


Not for the first time on their trip from Tanchico, Nynaeve wishes they had taken a ship to Tear instead. The wagon holding their supplies is bouncing along the roads of a parched Tarabon. A few miles back they were attacked by brigands but the dust storm Nynaeve threw up helped them get away. Her anger has left her again so right now she can't channel. She's getting there again though. Just about everything she looks at annoys her.

Nynaeve climbs in the front of the wagon and tells Thom he can slow down now. Nynaeve is sickened by the display of affection Elayne shows for Thom. Thom replies that they may have lost the brigands but that there is other company approaching. A Whitecloak patrol is heading their way. Nynaeve puts on her best smile and talks to the leader.

The leader of the patrol wants to know who they are and what is going on in Tear. Nynaeve pretends to trade in dyes and says they are heading for Andor. She also claims to know nothing of any Aes Sedai involvement in the recent unrest in Tanchico. Simple merchants don't mingle with Aes Sedai. The captain seems to be convinced. Nynaeve wants to know if they are in Amadicia already. The Whitecloak replies that for now the border is five miles further. Elayne wants to know if the Whitecloaks mean to move it. Nynaeve quickly tries to smooth that comment over. The Whitecloak just says that Niall is sending food into Tarabon to keep the refugees out of Amadicia. After that he lets them go.

When the Whitecloaks are out of earshot Nynaeve demands to know if Elayne thinks she is still in her mother's throne room. Thom breaks up the fight that ensues and to Nynaeve's disgust Elayne apologizes to Thom. They cross the Amadician border a bit later and approach the town of Mardecin. Nynaeve wants to get some supplies and get moving again but the other three think it is time for a days rest. Grudgingly Nynaeve agrees but an inn is out of the question. She tells Thom and Juilin to find a good campsite. They should have taken a ship.

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