The Gathering Storm: Chapter 17

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Questions of Control

Chapter Icon: Blacksmith's Puzzle

Points of View: Cadsuane, Perrin


Cadsuane spanks Semirhage, humiliating her. Perrin decides to go back to the Wolf Dream.


Cadsuane's Point of View:

Setting: Rand's camp

Characters: Cadsuane, Sarene, Semirhage

Sarene interrogates Semirhage getting nowhere as Cadsuane eavesdrops from outside. She hasn't tried herself yet as she fears failure might harm her image. She realises that treating Semirhage with awe and respect as they have been doing is a mistake. Inside, she hears Semirhage's food spill and Semirhage insist that Sarene replace it. Instead she goes in and spanks Semirhage until she agrees to eat it off the floor.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: North of Malden

Characters: Perrin, Grady

Grady tells Perrin that he is too tired to weave a gateway and that even if he could, it would take a whole day to send everyone away. Perrin decides Grady and Neald should open gateways for a small number of people each day. He decides to return to the Wolf Dream.

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