The Gathering Storm: Chapter 26

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A Crack in the Stone

Chapter Icon: Frayed Weaving

Points of View: Aviendha, Romanda


Min asks Aviendha about her punishments which angers her and she confronts the Wise Ones. They say that was the final test, for her to feel their equal and that now she just needs to go through the glass columns in Rhuidean. Another bubble of evil hits the rebel camp while demoted Shemerin explains her situation and how she escaped Tar Valon.


Aviendha's Point of View:

Setting: Arad Doman

Characters: Aviendha, Min, Amys, Bair, Melaine

Min comes to see Aviendha. Aviendha tells her that she should not worry that she might challenge her as she holds no toh to her. She would not fight someone like Min who is defenseless. Min flourishes her knives to try and show she is not, but Aviendha just thinks it would be easy to kill someone while they were doing that. Min angers her by asking about her punishment and she decides to confront the Wise Ones, telling them she rejects the punishment. This is what they had been wanting, for her to decide she was their equal and tell her that it was the final thing before becoming a Wise One, other than going through the glass columns in Rhuidean. They tell her to Travel to Cold Rocks Hold and walk to Rhuidean from there.

Romanda's Point of View:

Setting: The Rebel Aes Sedai camp

Characters: Romanda, Shemerin, Lelaine, Sheriam, Siuan, Magla, Rorik, Burin Shaeren

Shemerin explains how she escaped Tar Valon. Romanda had never thought highly of her, but is still shocked at how she has fallen, it is clear that Shemerin does not think of herself as an Aes Sedai, and even calls Siuan by the title. She is keen to stay in the camp as a laundress and not cause any problems. She tells them that she was demoted for not showing the poise of an Aes Sedai.

A bubble of evil hits the tent and insects, which Magla reveals to be Sharan spine roaches burst through the floor. The Aes Sedai kill them with the Power, but there are too many and they are forced to go outside, from where they burn the whole tent. Rorik is left to tell the rest of the camp that there had been another bubble of evil. Romanda ponders if it might even be worth accepting Elaida's conditions if it would re-unite the Tower.

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