The Gathering Storm: Chapter 27

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The Tipsy Gelding

Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Location: Hinderstap

Characters: Mat, Thom, Talmanes, Joline, Barlden, Harnan, Delarn, Mardry


At the town Mat and company are told they must leave before nightfall. Mat manages to win the supplies dicing but while they are loading the cart the night falls and the screaming starts.


Mat thinks of Moiraine and how he has a debt to settle with the Eelfinn. He and Thom talk of old times. They arrive at the town and are told that they can have three hours and then must leave before nightfall. Joline does not believe this and says it is ridiculous and that surely they would allow women of the White Tower to stay. The mayor, Barlden is adamant, that there will be no exceptions for anyone. They are also told that the town has little to trade, a cart at most. Mat and the Aes Sedai separate, Mat and Talmanes going with Harnan and Delarn to an Inn, the Tipsy Gelding. Talmanes is suspicious of the people, as they seem to have no interest in the world. Mat goes through the town, ignoring the obvious inns till he finds one that is barely marked as an inn, that he believes the locals would go to relax in after work. He offers to dice with them, trusting that his luck will work enough for him to lose consistently enough that when he offers a big bet, the locals will be greedy and take it. While he dices, Barlden consistently tries to get them to leave, but Mat ignores him. His plan works, but Barlden, the mayor does not trust him and insists on making the last throw for Mat. Mat is apprehensive, not knowing if his luck will hold when someone else rolls, but it does, and he wins. They go out to load up the cart they won from Mardry, but the sun goes down, and screaming starts.

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