The Great Hunt: Chapter 10

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Author: Amara Danicek

Horn of Valere Chapter Icon.png

The Hunt Begins

Chapter Icon: The Horn of Valere

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Shienarian countryside, River Erinin

Characters: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Ingtar, Hurin, Masema, Uno, Loial


The group come across a village where the inhabitants were all murdered.


The hunters continue to ride south led by Hurin. Whenever Rand tries to ride with Perrin, and Mat they move away from him. Rand grows frustrated because all he wishes to do is apologize. Soon the party comes upon some Trolloc tracks. Ingtar says they will continue to ride at the same speed regardless. Uno gives Rand a look which makes him nervous. Eventually Ingtar realizes the horses can't keep going at that pace so they dismount and trot beside them. Eventually night comes and they stop for the evening.

Rand goes to unpack his clothes but is upset because they are all extremely fancy. Ingtar tells him that Moiraine personally saw to the packing. After getting food from Masema, who is his usual crotchety self, he goes and sits with Ingtar, Mat, Perrin and Loial. He is pleased to see that Mat and Perrin don't move away from him this time. He questions Ingtar on why Uno and Masema keep looking at him strangely. He is told Uno is most likely wondering if he has earned the heron on his blade, and that Masema can't see anything but Aiel with him. Rand protests saying he is not Aiel, which is confirmed by Mat.

The next morning they once again start out, the pace just a tiny bit slower than the other day. They come across an abandoned camp where Hurin tells them that there was murder done. They ride northeast now until they come across another dead body and the direction again changes south. They continue like this until they come across the River Erinin. The village appears to be abandoned so Ingtar orders a search. They find nothing until Uno spots a woman in the window. When he gets there she is nowhere to be found. Instead there is a piece of drapery. Hurin says he has never smelled anything quite like what happened there before and is greatly disturbed by it.

They decided to continue on across the river. On the other side of the river they come across the brutally murdered bodies of Changu and Nidao. They bury them for there is no definite proof they were Darkfriends and they had saved Lord Agelmar's life earlier. They continue on again until they come across another village in their path. The village is also abandoned and Ingtar demands another search. Rand walks into one of the building and is trapped in a vision over and over again. In the dream the room is crawling with flies. When he finally snaps out of it he finds six dead flies. He doesn't have much time to dwell on it though before an alarm is sounded. He quickly runs to find a Myrddraal staked onto a door. All now worry as to what could have done that to a Myrddraal.



Who was the woman in white?
Why won’t the Aiel touch a sword?

This was also something the Green man said to Rand "You carry a sword, Child of the Dragon. But that is neither then nor now"

How does Perrin know it will be worse?
What was the odd repetition?
What happened to the fade?


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Who was the woman in white?


Why won’t the Aiel touch a sword?

A remnant of the Way of the Leaf in the Age of Legends and the way they abandoned it, though they don't know this.

What was the odd repetition?

Probably something that Fain did, as he later does the same in Far Madding.

What happened to the fade?

Fain killed it somehow.

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