The Great Hunt: Chapter 9

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Author: Amara Danicek

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Points of View: Rand, Domon


The group sets off after the Horn.


Rand's Point of View:

Characters: Rand, Mat, Lan, Siuan, Perrin, Ingtar, Leane, Hurin, Loial, Lord Agelmar

Setting: Fal Dara courtyard, Shienarian countryside

Rand goes down to the courtyard to ready his horse to leave. There he meets Loial who tells Rand he will still follow them even though they don't know how long it will be. When Mat and Perrin come down he tries to apologize about what he had said earlier but they both just turn away. Loial points out that Rand's coat is very fancy, which may be why they are turned off. Rand says he will change when they stop at night because all of his clothes were packed for him before he could get a simpler coat.

Lan confronts Rand and tells him how to sheathe the sword in his own body. Rand thinks Lan is crazy and that it will never be needed. Just then the Amyrlin appears telling Lord Agelmar that she will leave now rather than later. Agelmar insists​ that she stay longer so he can throw a proper feast. Loial tells Rand that she has sent a messenger to Almoth Plain to see what is wrong. Rand tries unsuccessfully to convince himself it has nothing to do with him.

The Amyrlin tells them they must retrieve the Horn as quickly as possible and that the Horn is bound to the sounder, not necessarily to the side of the Light. Rand feels someone watching him again and just as he turns his horse to look a dart goes past him, nicks the Amyrlin in the arm and kills the man behind her.

Lord Agelmar insists that the Amyrlin wait to leave until after they have searched for the assassin. She tells him that it is nonsense and she will not be delayed. Once again she presses the importance of their hunt before they set out. Ingtar informs Rand that Changu and Nidao are missing, and they had the watch last night. Ingtar introduces Rand to Hurin and explains how he will track those who stole the Horn. They begin heading south.

Bayle Domon's Point of View:

Characters: Bayle Domon, Nieda, Yarin Maeldan, Billi

Setting: Illian

Bayle Domon finds himself in a very boisterous Illian. He goes to an Inn called Easing the Badger. He is confronted by three men and is asked to sail to Mayene for 1,000 gold marks. He is reluctant, sensing something is odd about the offer; however it hasn't been his first. He accepts and is given a letter with instructions to give it to the dock master there where he will receive his passenger and further compensation. He is told that he must be discreet and leave at first chance. His suspicion is furthered when he discovers the coins are Tar Valon marks.

His Second in command arrives to tells him that Carn is dead, his third dead crew member. He is also warned of people trying to board the Spray, and other strange goings on. He decides that they sail right then and if the men don't make it in time they are left behind. Once on the ship Bayle Domon opens the letter and sees that it says he is a Darkfriend. He suspects that the letter is forged although he has no handwriting to compare it to. He notices that the letter says to seize his belongings which angers him as he collects old and wonderful things. His collection includes a lightrod, an old cat skull, and amazingly, a Seal to the Dark One's prison. He tells his crew to sail west, where they will put in at Ebou Dar for a while and then continue west to Almoth Plain.


Character Development

  • He doesn't accept Rand's apology
  • He apologises and tries to make up with friends.
  • He accepts Rand's apology


How does the Horn bind those who answer it?
Is Siuan right that it will bind anyone, and could be used by a Darkfriend?
Who was the arrow aimed at?
Are Changu and Nidao really Darkfriends?

They could be, or they could have been corrupted by spending too much time with Fain.

What is the really bad smell?
What are the Darkfriends after with Bayle?

The thick disk he describes sounds like one of the Seals to the Dark One's prison though there doesn't seem to be any reason they would know he had one.


First Mention

Nieda Sidoro, Billi, Carn, Galldrian, Yarin Maeldin

First Appearance

Nieda Sidoro, Yarin Maeldin


  • Rand knew of an old map with old nations and Almoth Plain and Toman Head. Which is odd, as he didn't know the Two Rivers was in Andor.
  • Nieda, an innkeeper in Illian, doesn't believe in Trollocs, even though Bayle Domon has told her real stories from the Borderlands. She doesn't believe in snow, either.
  • Hurin is a sniffer, another non Power related ability. We've already seen Min's visions, wolfbrothers and told by Loial that some people can sense ta'veren. Are there more abilities to come?


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


How does the Horn bind those who answer it?
Is Siuan right that it will bind anyone, and could be used by a Darkfriend?

Artur Hawkwing says she is not

Who was the arrow aimed at?

Ingtar later says he didn't know if it was Siuan or Rand.

What is the really bad smell?


What are the Darkfriends after with Bayle?

If they are after the Seal, they don't show the same interest in the one in the Panarch's palace in Tanchico.

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