The Great Hunt: Chapter 6

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Author: Amara Danicek

Trolloc Chapter Icon.png

Dark Prophecy

Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Point of View: Rand

Characters: Rand, Nynaeve, Mat, Egwene, Verin, Moiraine, Lan, Siuan, Perrin, Ingtar, Leane, Ba'alzamon, Padan Fain, Liandrin

Setting: Fal Dara women's quarters, Fal Dara Dungeon


Shadowspawn attack the keep while Fain escapes with the Dagger and Horn of Valere.


Ba'alzamon is haunting Rand's dreams. In this one Rand is trapped inside a box-like building with Perrin and Mat as Trollocs come streaming in through the door. Perrin has torn out his eyes and is desperately trying to show Rand and proclaiming that he has "gotten rid of them." Fain and Ba'alzamon both tell him that he can't hide before Rand awakens on Egwene's floor with Nynaeve knitting beside him.

After a short dialogue in which Nynaeve accuses Rand of becoming too "Shienarian" he is told that Egwene went to help Padan Fain. Nynaeve informs Rand that the women have been acting odd, as if searching for something. Once again though it breaks into an argument when Rand names the Dark One and defends the action by claiming he is dead. It is evident Rand himself is not so sure when a wave of dizziness washes over him and he is once again reminded of the wind.

The alarm bell then goes off in the keep. Rand's first thought is they are looking for him. Nynaeve assures him that is unlikely because the bells would only warn him. Rand then figures out that it probably has something to do with Fain. Nynaeve desperately tries to convince him not to run out into the women's apartments. Reminding him that the women have been acting odd, and even if they hadn't they wouldn't take kindly to an armed man running through their quarters.

Regardless, out Rand goes, to the dismay of the women and straight into the Amyrlin. He doesn't spend much time dwelling on this blunder or listening to Leane yelling at him and instead hurries on to where he encounters three Trollocs. He is not left alone to kill them as twelve Shienarians come to his aid. Rand doesn't wait to see the result and once again takes off running only to encounter a Myrddraal which Ingtar insists on taking himself; telling Rand that he should practice on some Trollocs first.

Ashamed at his cowardice he runs for the dungeon to notice the first oddity, a partially open door. Inside he finds chunks of flesh and the heads of the two guards. On the walls written in Blood are the words: "We will meet again on Toman Head. It is never over, al'Thor." Desperately he tries to scrub off the message and in his panic fails to notice Liandrin's entrance until she uses the power on him to try to make him speak. Before serious harm is done Moiraine comes in and interrupts the struggle. Rand uses the moments of tension between the two Aes Sedai to explore further in the dungeon. The two prisoners left alive kill themselves from the horror they witnessed in the dungeon. It is then that Rand notices an unconscious Egwene and Mat.

It is quickly discovered that Mat's dagger is missing along with Fain. Liandrin points out that Rand was seen erasing the writing on the wall. Rand gets an uneasy feeling that even Moiraine is weighing him on this account. It is soon decided that Mat must be healed by the Amyrlin. Ingtar informs Rand that the Horn of Valere was stolen out of the storerooms. On further questioning it is revealed that the invaders entered and exited through the Dog Gate. Rand starts suspecting Ingtar but shakes the idea away.

Rand notices Verin for the first time studying the Trolloc script and describing it as "interesting." He decides he doesn't want to get to know anyone who finds dark prophecies interesting. Lan finds Rand and tells him the women are already discussing which daughter would be best to marry to Rand. However, it is the news that Moiraine has said he can go anytime he wants now that interests him most.



Why was Amalise coming out of the buttery?

Probably looking for Rand, though why she was looking there is not clear.

What does Liandrin do to Rand?

Something of the Power, and probably something she should not be doing.

Who opened the Dog Gate? Was it the same person who gave the order not to let anyone out?
Who wrote the Dark Prophecy and why?
How does naming the Dark One attract his attention?

We see Rand go dizzy when he does it.

What happened to the prisoners?


First Mention

Kajin, Timora



This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Who opened the Dog Gate?

Rand may have been correct here that it was Ingtar.

Who really gave the order not to let anyone out?

It probably came from Ingtar.

Who wrote the Dark Prophecy and why?

Robert Jordan confirmed in an interview it was a Myrddraal.

What happened to the prisoners?

One commits suicide and the other seems to have gone mad.


  • Nynaeve states Egwene wants to Heal. She later has little aptitude or interest, but was a talented Healer in one of the alternate worlds Rand sees through the Portal Stone.

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