The Great Hunt (Brief Plot Summary)

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Rand learns that Moiraine believes him to be the Dragon Reborn and that he was born on Dragonmount of a Maiden of the Spear. The Horn of Valere is taken by Padan Fain, who also takes Mat's dagger. The boys follow to retrieve it and the girls go to Tar Valon to learn to be Aes Sedai. On the way, Rand is forced to channel, and Perrin to use his new-found wolf abilities. Egwene and Nynaeve, together with Elayne and Min, are tricked by a member of the Black Ajah, as a result of which, Egwene ends up a damane. Nynaeve and the others rescue Egwene, and Mat blows the Horn. Rand is forced to fly the banner of the Dragon Reborn to lead the returned heroes in defeating the invading Seanchan.

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