The Novice's Journey

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Author: Dorelei Verreuil

As I stand here, naked and bare
I reflect on how far I've come
And the long, arduous journey ahead.
My sins are bared for my judges to see
A black stain that brands my soul.

I enter the archway and leave the world
Safety and caution thrown to the wind.
I journey through old scenes
And struggle to get through the pain.
I am leaving my family behind
The only life I have ever known.
I am leaving them for the promise
The life that awaits me
On the other side of the arch.

I travel the arches twice more
Each time, my soul scraped raw.
It hurts me deeply to leave them behind
But this is the life I have chosen.

At the end of the road I collapse
The pain and the tears too much to carry.
As I let go of my heavy burden
A new one is placed on my shoulders.
With ring on my finger and bands on my dress
I am to grow and to gain strength.
I open my eyes to smiling faces
My new family gathered for support.

I am no longer a lost child.
I am a woman with a purpose.
I am a new person
Sinless and pure.
I am strong and determined.
I am no longer a novice.